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Eddie C - Interview & DJ Mix

All of us at Sleazy Beats are huge fans of Jiscomusic. The label has now closed down to concentrate on the new offshoot, Under The Shade. We want to somehow commemorate this occasion, so we've caught up with the artist behind some of our favorite Jisco edits, Canadian DJ and producer Eddie C.
We were lucky enough to catch him between skiing trips to grab this interview. Not only did he share a wealth of information with us, but he also put together an exclusive DJ mix for the blog! Check out the tracklisting... it is full of all that mid-tempo disco goodness that we freak out over.

Eddie C - Sleazy Beats Mix - July 09
1. Dry - Bass (cassette) 2. Linkwood - Hear The Sun (Firecracker) 3. Pal Joey - Santeria Samba Groove (Loop D' Loop) 4. Mark E - Beat Down (Running Back) 5. Frank Booker - Who's Next (Untracked) 6. Trus'Me - Drilling (Prime Numbers) 7. Kai 'KZR' Alce - Lollipop (Editions Disco) 8. Tensnake - TheThenUnknown (Runningback) 9. Tony Allen - Moyege …

Give it up for love - Monsieur Monod backbone edit

It's quiet on the release-front in the wonky world of disco, funk and slowmotion house; summer's kicking in at last then. Here's a cheeky little rerub of 'give it up for love' to get you through the day, one of our all-time favorite disco tunes. The added meaty drums make it easier to weasel the track into a deephouse set. Has been going down quite well for me, so have a listen and let us know what you think!

Download here

This will be up for 7 days / 100 downloads max

Rufdug - Dirty (Including The Popular People's Front, Leo Zero and Unabombers Remixes)

Another one of the current production teams (a la Yam Who?) who prefer to let their musical output get all of the attention whilst maintaining almost total individual anonymity, The Popular People's Front first came to my attention (being a total Monty Python tragic didn't hurt...) via their 2005 "Back 2 Back" release, the third on their self-titled label, and from that moment on they have fallen solidly into the "buy on sight" category for me.

Faithfully maintaining a vinyl-only philosophy and emphasis of quality over quantity from day one, PPF's early releases quickly became highly sought-after collectibles, especially given the extremely low numbers of each release being pressed, helped along by amazing word-of-mouth support amongst the nu-disco fraternity, flamed by their high production values and somewhat esoteric choice of source material.

Right from the start The PPF showed a wide range of influence and musical tastes with funk, soul and disco sit…

Super Value Special Edits 5

In terms of quality control, we're in good hands with Italian mystery men 'Super Value', who deliver the fifth installment of their 'Special Edits' series. Three tracks on offer here, and they all funk like a bastard. The A1 is a chugging, bottom-heavy disco beast with that inimitable Super Value magic dust sprinkled all over. They keep on sprinkling that dust on the second track, but this time it sounds like they reworked a fine piece of blue eyed soul (it reminds me of Leo Zero's fantastic edit of Bonny by Frefab Sprout a bit). The third track is a most sexy downtempo burner that was the opening tune for their quite brilliant Super Funky Mix that floated around a while ago. Essential, best Super Value to date in my humble opinion.

Check out the record here
Listen to a new DJ mix by the Italian maestro's here

Andy Whittaker (Redux) - Warm up mix

Redux Records' head honcho Andy Whittaker kindly let us know about a new mix he did, a recent live warm-up set. And a beast of a mix it is! Slowed down to a most agreable tempo, Andy Whittaker blends an hour and a half of chugging, loopy, synthy dreamy deephouse that mesmerizes from the onset. Has been on repeat here non-stop for the past days. Perfect mix for lazy summerdays and sultry nights....enjoy!

Download the mix here

Ray Mang - Prozac / Sinthesis

Just a quick note today to let you know about this upcoming Mangled release. Label owner Raj Gupta (aka Ray Mang) brings us more of his signature edit goodness. 'Prozac' is the boogie jam here, with happy-feeling female vocals and party horns to get those feet moving. Flip the vinyl over for 'Sinthesis' which is a groovy disco number reminding us why Ray Mang's edit work rises above the competition. This 12" should be out in stores soon. You can pre-order from Picadilly or Rush Hour. Check the samples here.

Linkwood Family - Firecracker 04

The wait is almost over! I've been lusting after Who La La for ages, and was surprised/disappointed to see Firecracker 5 released before nr. 4. Linkwood is also finishing up his first LP, we'll make sure to keep you up to date on that one.

Rush Hour records did a nice review of Firecreacker 04:
Firecracker Recordings drop the long-awaited 4th EP! As usual, the packaging is of highest quality - a must for the collectors of the series. Linkwood & House Of Traps take the A-side with 'Barely Eagle'. It's a huge, slow-moving disco hybrid that's already been played to death by Trevor Jackson, Trusme and The Unabombers! Linkwood drops a killer edit on the B-side and Fudge Fingas explores unknown space territory with his Ra-inspired 'Situation Diminished'. Three killer tracks on LTD 10" vinyl press! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!

Listen and pre-order at Rushhour now

Chalk Hill Edits Vol. 1

I don't particularly care for most edits that are released these days. Nine out of ten records in the disco section of my local record store follow the same recipe: obscure disco track, quantized beats, extended intro, extended outro, presto. Great way to get your hands on hard to find gems, but there's not much creativity involved, is there?

I'm glad I gave the first installment of Chalk Hill's edits a listen though. The Chalk Hill boys have given Susan Vega and Dee Dee Sharp a very fine makeover, adding a very mellow deephouse vibe to both tunes. Dee Dee Sharp's Nobody Can Do What You Do is my pick of the two, a lovely percussive, blissed out piece of work that is screaming for early-evening/end of night action. Check out/buy the record here.

Word on the street is there will be a new volume of Chalk Hill edits every month. Sounds like we're in for some serious treats then!