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Prince Language/Donald Bumps - Don't Stop The Macho (Editions Disco)

There's a hot new little record that just dropped a couple of days ago that's got us tickled here at Sleazy HQ. The always classy and on-point Editions Disco imprint serves up a couple of wicked new disco edits by my one of my favourite Nuyorkinan disco heads Prince Language (DJ Language). This cat has been mighty busy these days with re-rubs and mixes for countless bands and other artists which is why we haven't heard from him in a good minute. He's teamed up this time with Donald Bumps (a new name for me) to bring us 'Don't Stop The Macho', a great two tracker of different feelgood disco.

The title track is the Prince Language cut - a moody, dark and sweaty number with a great bassline and fantastic male vocal that fans of Georgio Moroder and Gino Soccio will likely lean hard towards. We're then hit with an opposite feeling tune on the b-side as Donald Bump dices up a great female vocal track, with my pick of the two 'Nah, That's Hot'. Here…

It's A Small World Disco - Cry/Love * LTJ Edits

There's simply no stopping Italian beatdown disco don Luca Trevisi at the moment. Over the past weeks, we've seen a majestic release on Irma under his LTJ X-Perience guise (which we covered a while ago), another sterling installment of the Super Value Special Edits Series and a compilation/mix cd of old and forgotton soul bombs. As if that wasn't enough, we're being treated to two new tracks on new imprint 'It's a Small World Disco'. Slap your needle down on the A for some prime headnodding material, a chuggin, relentless midtempo workout with some ace Marvin Gaye samples. The B is a sweet instrumental groover with lush jazzy keys and some clever drums and is my pick of the two. An irrestistable record then, further cementing LTJ's reputation as one of the most exciting names in slowmotion/re-edit circles.

Check out a full-length preview of Cry and Love here
Or do yourself a favor and buy this beast at Juno

Keep an eye out for It's A Small World Disco…

Trus'me - In The Red (Prime Numbers/Fat City)

Manchester DJ and producer Trus'me is coming out with another full-length album. For those of you that own his previous effort, 2007's "Working Night$", you know this will be something very special. Much like his last album, he offers the slower tempo stuff right alongside upbeat dancefloor gems influenced by jazz, disco, soul and funk. Just the way we like it.
This time around Trus'me called in other established artists to create the full package. He gets together with Amp Fiddler and re-edits the Bill Withers' classic "Can We Pretend" to open the album. He collaborates with Dam-Funk for a low-slung reinterpretation of the Was (Not Was) tune "Wheel Me Out". He puts together the title track with help of Detroit's Pirahnahead. He works with the trumpet talent of Colin Steel on "Need A Job". He even enlists Jazzanova vocalist Paul Randolph for their take on West Phillips' "I'm Just A Sucker (For A Pretty Fac…

Sleazy Beats Recording 001 - Win a free Test Pressing!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our very own imprint, Sleazy Beats Recordings. We've covered so many great records and met so many great artists through these pages, settting up a label and putting out some of that dreamy lo-slung beatdown disco we love so much seemed like a logical progression.

We're extremely pleased to report we managed to get Canadian superman Eddie C on board for our maiden voyage. Eddie's recent releases on Jisco, Flashback, Wolf Music and Seven Inches of Love were all incredible and got him some much deserved attention in disco/nu disco circles. Luckily, Eddie saved his best bits for us: the gloriously deep & dreamy 9-minute adventure that is Space Cadet, the heavy slo-mo funk of Get Down and finally the midtempo disco bomb 'One With the Stars', all on one shiny black 12" that will be out in a week or two. It's already being charted by the likes of LTJ X-Perience and Ali from OOFT and rumour has it Cottam is playing…

Voyeurhythm EP Vol 1

Superb debut record from the Voyeurhythm camp that came out a while ago. Ordered it right away but it took forever to make its way over to Amsterdam, so I completely forgot about this lovely threetracker that features the fine production skills of Ben Sun, Megadon Betamax and Hollywood Nites. Benjamin Sun's 'When You Looked' reminds me of Kid Sublime's Basement Works series (which is obviously a good thing). It's the B1 that's my favorite though, a slow motion workout called 'heavy lifting' which features a cool male vocal loop and wonky synth stabs.

Check out the record here, you'l love it

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Voyeurhythm 002, which comes with a superb Ben Sun track called Victoria Park that'll have make you wet yourself. Essential!

6th Borough Project - McLovin (Permanent Vacation)

If you gave Craig Smith's Sleazy Beats mix a listen (which you really should - it's insanely good) your pickle must have been tickled by 6th Borough Project's 'McLovin', a slow motion chugfest that grooves in all the right places. I've been lusting after this for quite some time now, and was happy to find out that Permanent Vacation offered it a spot on their new CD compilation 'If this is house I want my money back'. The comp offers some prime deephouse cuts by the likes of Hunee (whose recent 12" on Internasjonal is pretty spectacular), Roots Unit and John Talabot. Forget about ever checking those out though, cause once the first bars of McLovin come leaking out of your speakers you'll find yourself tapping your toes, snapping your fingers, bobbing your head and without even noticing you'll press the 'repeat one' button and all else will be lost and forgotton. For once I'm glad I own a CDJ - hope Permanent Vacation will do the…

Shake Up Connection - You Got Me EP (Amplified)

Great EP by Chicago based The Shake Up Connection on the fine Amplified imprint. New name for me and apparantly a debut 12", but whoever's behind the moniker sure knows what he's doing. All four tracks are moody, Detroity disco numbers with those deep, loopy drums we love so much. My pick of the bunch is The Shake Up theme, a lovely midtempo disco nugget.

Have a listen to 'The Shake Up Theme' here

Great stuff that will sit perfectly in both disco and house sets. Nice to see Amplified offering a home for new talent too.

Buy the wax at Clone or pick up a digital copy here

Golf Channel Recordings

I have been salivating over this record label for a good while now. I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it sooner. A couple of other blogs have done pieces on it, and I've heard it mentioned in very small circles... but for the most part I think it has flown under the radar. So now it is time to talk about it here, in our sleazy little corner of the internet.
What do I know about Golf Channel Recordings? Well first, I know they currently have four releases. You can find their discography here. The label started back in 2007 with a wicked Mark E edit of Janet Jackson's "R&B Junkie". And this label started with style and integrity, and continues to do so... every release is vinyl only, and initial runs are limited to 100-120 copies that have hand stamped artwork. Not only that, but they are hand-numbered by the NY label owner and 'No Ordinary Monkey' party thrower Phil South! By the time their records are finally repressed in larger quantity…

Riccio - Hidden History 002

Second release on Hidden History Recordings, the new imprint of Super Value heavyweights LTJ X-Perience and Riccio. I absolutely loved the debut single, a joint effort of the two label bosses who turned in three sublime slow motion moody beatdown workouts. It's one of those records that I just can't stop playing - my copy is already starting to pop and crackle...

Riccio (or Ricardo Zanaroli to his friends) is flying solo on the label's sophomore release, and he sure doesn't disappoint. Our Italian friend opts for a slightly less moody approach and drops three infectious midtempo chuggy disco beasts. My pick of the bunch is the B1,' Low Down', which cleverly samples an old Boz Scaggs classic. All three tracks are mint though, with those trademark Super Value heavy, warm drums.

Can't wait to play this over a big system, it'll have the punters running to the booth faster than Usain Bolt (well that's not very likely but you see what I'm getting at..)

Social Disco Club - Man Of Magic (Hands Of Time)

Brand spanking new record by the talented Portuguese producer Social Disco Club, aka Humberto Matias, whom you may know from other top ventures on imprints like Bear Funk and Mindless Boogie. Out now on the hot new UK label, Hands of Time - this excellent two tracker features two cracking disco edits that wouldn't seem out of place in dj sets by big disco dons like Ray Mang, Todd Terje, Lovefingers etc. In fact I'm pretty sure I've heard the title track 'Man of Magic' on a recent set by Mr. Mang already.

This first tune hooks you with a great horn section that echoes the super catchy lyrics and really swell strings sewn together so well like only SDC can do. A seriously great track, very animated and loads of fun to listen to. The second tune 'Sandwich Love' is probably the pick of the litter for me here, however, I'm kind of a sucker for a nice flute I think. This track sounds a little more 'serious' if that makes any sense, more mysterious. Ano…