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George Quest - Sleazy Beats Mix

Today our readers are truly in for a treat. We are back with another installment of our Sleazy Beats Exclusive Mix series, but with an added bonus. Offering you just one DJ mix was not enough... our guest has compiled TWO new mixes for you to experience!
His name is George Quest, a DJ originating from Bulgaria who now resides in New York City. Those in the know can catch him at his regular night Change Of Pace with AB Logic and friends, where they explore the depths of quality music very much on the sleazy tip (ranging anywhere from downtempo and mushroom jazz to disco, funk, and house).
As mentioned we have two mixes here. The 'Groove Side' is just that... loopy with lots of instrumentals that will lock you into that groove. The 'Other Side' is more laid back, lots of sweet vocals, goes straight for the heart. Both mixes bump along at that medium pace that we are always nuts about over here.
Download the mixes below.
George Quest - Sleazy Beats Mix - The Groove Side

DC La Rue - Reworks Vol. 2 (DC La Rue Reworks)

Nifty package on deck here from the crew that's made a point to add some magic to many of the tracks by the massively successful disco icon DC La Rue, the don that originally brought us the now heavily sampled 'Cathedrals' in the late 70's.

Two hot cuts on this second installation by London's DC La Rue Reworks imprint that'll funk your socks off. The first track, 'Indescreet' offers a masterful rerub by the Popular People's Front that is a bit different from their usual fare, getting down with a heavy vocal by DC and his girls that soon leads into a heavy organ-fueled instrumental whirlwind.

On the flipside, and my pick of the two is 'Overture' - with BC at the helm. This one chugs along charged by a midrange acid bassline, overtop a disco-fied funk guitar, and a sweeter than sweet brass section. Another one that fans of the DD and

Story #3

Rotterdam's excellent recordstore/distro/label Clone is often the source of news about great upcoming records, and so the - ahum - story goes with the third offering on the - ahum - Story imprint. As with the other releases on Story (of which the first one was a big hit for me a few years back) you won´t find any artist names on the record, as the guys behind Story "do not feel the need to let you know who did the record and so do the artists who contribute tracks. The only important thing is, they produced these tracks, full of understanding and with a great love for house music".

Right, so that all seems very mysterious, doesn't it? Would it help if we told you we're dealing with 4 killer, mesmerizing slowburners here? Four tracks with hypnothising grooves, heavy drums and a bucketload of bottom end that lock you in and won't let go? Would it help if we told you there's some clever sampling of one Ms. Badu? And some great use of African grooves and rhyt…

Eddie C - Between Now And Then (Endless Flight)

I swear to you... the Sleazy Beats blog is not owned by Canadian DJ and producer Eddie C. This may shock some people, as we tend to talk about him as if he is the next messiah. I tell you that we just can't help it. We love his music that much, and want to see it reach as many ears as possible.
This is why we are here today to point you towards Eddie's newest 12". This one has been released on the Japanese record label Mule Musiq's offshoot known as Endless Flight. On this record we are offered four sublime cuts. All of them fall into that groovy midtempo range that we freak about over here.
The title cut, 'Between Now And Then', has this hypnotic synthesizer that just washes over you and makes you forget all your troubles. Then there is 'You Know How', which observant fans of this artist will recognize as being previously released on a Seven Inches Of Love record (and featured prominently on Cole Medina's 'Disk Union Mix', mentione…

KZA - Let's Get Lost Vol. 1 (Let's Get Lost)

Quick heads up to let you know about some mega-funky edits by one of Japan's most revered crate hounds KZA (Force of Nature), on the newbie label (well, another Mule Musiq offshoot) Let's Get Lost - that supposedly will feature old school edits and weird disco samples; sounds purdy good to us. You might remember KZA from his recent previous releases on Mule Musiq/Endless Flight 'I'm Starting To Feel Ok' and his debut album called "Dig And Edit", (which was hit and miss for me personally). However for this killer little 12" he's gone and revamped some of his favourite disco burners for us, the likes of which a few of our favourite disc-o jocks have been tossing down. This guy knows his records inside out and has hand-picked a couple of the best of the best disco cuts for his re-hashing projects, which you'll realize as soon as the needle drops.

Two tracks of note here, I think. First off, 'Goody Goody' is a great edit of the old classic…

Small World Disco Edits - Depth of My Soul

The third edition of the Small World Disco Edits series is out and boy what a treat it is. Other than the name suggests, we're not dealing with cut and paste edits here (extend intro, extend outo, quantize beats, presto!), but full-on beatdown reworks of disco and soul rarities. The man behind the controls is a young guv'ner from Italy who previously dabbled with techno and switched over to the dark side of lowslung disco deepness. All three tracks are absolute belters. 'Where is the compassion' is a driving midtempo workout with swirly synth stabs and a killer vocal loop. 'Vibes' is a most pleasant slowburner with lush percussion incorporating cool afro-not-afro chants. It's the title track on the A side that really gets my juices flowing though - a deliciously slow, chuggy, deeper than deep BEAST of a track that is simply magic. Without a doubt one of the best records to have reached Sleazy HQ this year.

SWDE003 - "Depth of my soul"
by Nicholas


Super Value Special Edits Vol 9

Luca Trevisi has to be one of the hardest working men in music, it seems like there's a new release coming out of Bologna's magic disco dungeon every week. The most amazing thing is that everything he touches is truly amazing. The 9th installment of the Super Value Series sure is no exception. In case you gave Luca's rather amazing Sleazy Beats Mix a listen, you'll recognize the elegant jazzy groover on the A-side, Mellow Mood. On the flip, the Super Value meister serves up a slightly more uptempo number, 'Need', complete with sweet soul vocals but with the same trademark deep loopy drums. Sleep Talk is a slow deep chugger with oodles of funk that rounds off the package nicely. You should know by now that these releases are no-brainers: BUY THE DAMN RECORD!

Buy/listen here

Luca's mixes of The Beatdown Soundmachine on our very own Sleazy Beats Recordings will be out in a week or two on shiny black wax (and a new vintage pin-up hottie on the cover), more on tha…

Wolf Music - Back To The Future EP (Wolf Music)

Remember we went apeshit last year when the mighty Wolf Music camp unleashed their "I Want To See All My Friends At Once" EP? Featuring four exquisite tracks by four of the most talented producers in beatdown disco land, we rightfully dubbed it our 12" of the year.

Wolf Music follow the same recipe for their first release of 2010 and serve up four new tracks by Cottam, KRL, Greymatter and Ilija Rudman. As is to be expected from this all-star crew, all four cuts are killer. Cottam (whose Cottam Limited releases have been going down a treat) drops a deliciously dubby, wobbly hypnothising workout. KRL turns in a bass-heavy, slightly more uptempo number (with souldiva vocalsnips!) that shuffles in all the right places. Greymatter makes his second appearance on Wolf Music and turns in a mesmerizing track based around a Roseroyce sample with an almost-broken beat. Ilija Rudman finishes off things in style with a superdeep, lowslung vocal track (hovering around the 100 BPM mar…

The Revenge/Grooveman Spot - Looking Up To You (MCDE)

The Revenge's fabulous edit of Michael Wycoff's Looking Up To You was one of my favorite tunes of 2009. It's slow, it's deep, it's hypnothic, it's got soul and it's got oodles of oomph. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the (very limited) 6th Installment of the Forever In Their Debt Series that featured this tune. Those of you that missed it (or are on a vinyl-only diet) will be happy to hear that Looking Up To You is getting a proper release on Motor City Drum Ensemble's MCDE label. Japanese nu-jazz/boogie don Grooveman Spot 'reworks the rework' on the flip, but to be honest it's not a patch on The Revenge's version. Essential, and with the Revenge focussing on original productions as of late, this might be your last chance to pick up one of his seminal edits.

Have a listen here:

Out in February in all good record stores. Have Juno e-mail you when the record hits the shops. If you don't have it yet, make sure to pick up the very l…

Dave Allison - Sleazy Beats Mix

You asked us for more DJ mixes, so we are here to deliver yet another round in our Sleazy Beats Exclusive Mix series! Here we have a selection from Dave Allison, a DJ and producer from Canada. This man has been doing his thing up there for quite some time, running his monthly night The Kinjo Sessions at the famous Salon Daomé in Montreal... a night that often starts out very much on the sleazy tip of things. Today he brings us a mix of that same low-slung goodness that you've come to expect on this site.
Download the mix below.

Dave Allison - Sleazy Beats Mix by SleazyBeats

01 - Nikola & Sasha - Funk It (Dave Allison Slinky Shuffle remix) [Kinjo] 02 - 6th Borough Project - McLovin [Permanent Vacation] 03 - Eddie C - Space Cadet [Sleazy Beats] 04 - Frank Solano - Blues Line (YSE remix) [Kolour] 05 - Floating Points - Love Me Like This [R2] 06 - Frank Booker - Who's Next? [Fingertips] 07 - Trus'me - Drilling [Fat City] 08 - Mr. Scruff & Kaidi Tatham - Fresh Noodles …