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Le Loup - Erotic City EP (Remake Music France)

Oooohh and while we're on the subject of smashingly hot records, there's another one that's seriously blog-worthy that's just been released, this time by Paris' Le Loup, or Leonard Perret to his mom. Despite his ripe age, this guy's making tunes like he's been at it for years. This new release on the UK's Remake Music, entitled 'True Love' has been making its way into many sets recently by many of the DJs in disco/re-edit land, and with good reason.

Two versions of the beast have thankfully been lovingly stamped onto a shiny black plate for us vinyl benders to salivate over. This tasty track comes in two fancy flavours - the original, and a slightly more housed-up Sam Clarence mix, both of which are extremely ace. Beautiful chords complimenting an awesome female vocal that just plain works. Hard to pick a favourite here but after a few listens I think the original will take it for me due to its slightly sleazier tempo and that killer vo…

The Mole - Keep On Dreaming (Musique Risque)

Brilliant little deephouse ditty out last week by our buddy The Mole on Montreal's Musique Risque. Seems we're often talking about moleman here but hey let's face it - he puts out some tasty stuff. This 3 track EP, entitled 'Keep On Dreaming' features 2 cuts on the A side - the first, 'Dreamer' is an almost ambient number that will simply melt your soul into oblivion. A faint beat is detectable, but the meat of the tune is pushed along by a lovely vocal, repeating "dreamer...", and some squelched out sine wave (?) action. A right moody affair this one is. The A2, and likely my pick is 'Oh My Stomach', another lush deep-burner that floats along, with eerie synths aimed at moody floors and crowds...and at that sweet tempo to boot. Finally, 'Last Ditch' features slightly less float-factor than the previous two, but still gets on handsomely with a standout loopy bassline driving the tune along the fence between tech and dee…

Try To Find Me - Get To My Baby / TBD Extension (Golf Channel)

Right, so everybody's going apeshit over this record. Picadilly, Phonica, Rough Trade, they all called it the edit of the year. Kind of funny then, that I didn't care to give this a listen when it first surfaced. The price tag kind of put me off (a tenner for a one-sided 12" with a black center sticker, Golf Channel are "pulling a Moodyman" here) and I'm not really big on straightforward disco edits either (you know the kind, extended intro/extended outro and quantized beats). Then someone plays me this record over the weekend, and BOY WAS I EVER WRONG! This is one hell of a disco beast courtesy of Justin Van Der Volgen and Lee Douglad (TBD), with a big fat kick, a pulsating b-line and totally badass male vocals. Pretty much the coolest record I've heard in ages. Sublime.

Give 'er a listen here:

Buy this lovely slab of wax here

Lel Palfrey - Sleazy Beats Mix

Lovely new exclusive Sleazy Beats mix from Edinburgh's Lel Palfrey for you here, featuring a whole bunch of tracks we've been showering with love on these pages expertly mixed together with a pair of turntables. His mixes have been aired on Red Rack'ems Smugglers' Inn show and made an appearance on the always on point Keep it Deep blog.

Lel Palfrey, father of two young boys, is slowly but steadily making a name for himself in the Edinburgh disco/boogie/house scene with regular stints at clubs and bars like The Newsroom, The Bon Vivant, The Wash Bar and The Outhouse.
Webdesigner by day and a bit of a vinyl nut with a passion for old jazz and boogie records which you can hear him play in bars all over town. Then there's also the slow, deep house vibe, with a Detroit and Disco influence, which his rather delicious mix showcases. In short, we're dealing with a genuine music love here, one with impeccable taste and an unhealthy obsession for vinyl, a weakness the Sle…

Trickski - The Warm Up EP (Delusions of Grandeur)

Berlin-based Trickski have come up with a tasty little treat on Jimpster's all-class label Delusions of Grandeur. This nifty imprint has had a knack for grabbing the attention of the likes of many of our favourite jocks here at SBHQ lately; The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, Tim Sweeney, and Frank Booker to mention a few. Having great success previously on labels such as Stillloveformusic, Sonar Kollektiv and Compost, you can expect Trickski to bring nothing less than their A-game to the table for their first outing here.

This little gem: The Warm Up EP features three tracks, the title track kicks things off with a dark sweaty number with a suspenseful vocal goin on about taking control. This one's not really my cup but could be super big for some tastes. A2 features Sunbeams, another moodyish affair, although much warmer chugging along steadily with changing synth-lines throughout, nice. The final cut on the B-side (gotta love those B's) is likely my pick, a re…

Tres Gueros - Instead You Go (Headtunes)

There is so much great stuff going on with this particular record that I am having trouble deciding where to start. It basically seems like Sleazy McQueen weekend over here at Sleazy Beats headquarters.
You may remember us telling you about McQueen's new group called Tres Gueros. This is the group that successfully tackled the Grateful Dead on the last Whiskey Disco release. Well they are back for more, and this time they appear on the Boston-based Headtunes record label with a package that has a lot going for it. The song is called 'Instead You Go', and is a collaboration by a bunch of talented people. You've got two vocalists (Graham Holly and Gracie Fowler), two guitar players (Ray Sweeton and Hugo Swaso), and artist Beef Wellington working his synthesizer magic. Sleazy McQueen ties this all together with writer/producer Matt Brownell to give 'Instead You Go' a special indie-dance-funk groove that just plain works.
Why stop there? When you've got a …

Sleazy McQueen - Tandava, The Cosmic Dance of Fury (Whiskey Disco)

Sleazy McQueen (Florida-based Laurin Fedora) has been quietly building a name for himself with wonky disco and boogie on esteemed labels like Hairy Claw, Moodclub and House Arrest. His edit of Al Stewarts 'Year of the Cat' on Yacht Rock Edits has been my secret weapon for years, and I'm glad he's slowly getting the recognition he deserves.

As of late, the sleazemeister seems to be saving his best edits for his own imprint Whiskey Disco though, an outlet for cheeky edits and reworks by Fedora and friends. We already creamed our pants over the first two releases on Whiskey Disco and the third installment definately keeps things sticky down south.

The title track Tandava is a chuggy midtempo roller with heavy disco claps and dirty synths. The A2 track is an ace rework of Ashta Puthli's Space Talk (which also got the Super Value treatment last year to great effect). McQueen's added oomph and skippy drums work a treat on this supersmooth slowburner, which is my pick o…

SBR002 - Beatdown Soundmachine (LTJ XPerience mixes) back in stock!

Just a quick headsup to let you know we had a few extra copies of Sleazy Beats Recordings 002 pressed up. The first run (300 copies) sold out in a flash - I think it lasted about 6 days at Juno, Phonica and Picadilly - and is played and charted by the likes of Cottam, The Revenge, Brett Johnson and Ilija Rudman. We've had loads of you asking us for a repress, so here's your chance to pick one up. We kept the repress limited to 200 copies, so there's a few of them floating around.

Have another listen to this fine slice of LTJ XPerience/Super Value magic here and pick one up at one of these fine outlets.

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