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The Groovers - Chicken Noodles (Sad Ghost Remix)

We don't cover many digital releases on these pages. It's not that we're snobs (well maybe a little) but there's just too much stuff coming out these days to really keep track of what's going on in digital disco land. I'm really glad we got sent the Sad Ghost Remix of The Groovers' Chicken Noodle release that hit Juno Download a few days ago though. Sad Ghost is the alter ego of Another Night on Earth editor in chief Chris Keys, whose blog has been our favorite musical hangout for years now. We already knew Chris had a fine ear for melodies and song structures (his recent edit of Flower - For Real on American Standard is one of those tracks I simply can not stop playing), but here he showcases his talent for the deepest deephouse.

Despite the really unimaginative name (seriously, "the Groovers" is the best these guys could come up with?) the original is an incredibly deep and slow, erm, deephouser, with loads of oomph and acidic synths. It's m…

No Request - Sleazy Beats Mix

Another installement of our Sleazy Beats Mix series, this time coming from NYC's Matt MacDonald, better known as slo-mo edit maestro NoRequest. I don't know where he finds the time, but it seems there's a new rework up on his soundcloud every day. We're not talking lazy extended intro type edits, a NoRequest edit means a complete workover in all its pitched down and sleazified glory. Matt's recent rework of Kissy Asplund is one of the sexiest things I've heard in a while, make sure to head over here to grab a copy.

The Dikso Super Sound Single vol. 1 we covered on these pages a few weeks ago featured No Request's first track on vinyl. Another 12" is in the works on a new label, and a digital release in September on Parallax. You can catch Matt playing alongside Aaron DAE on September 3rd. Check out the flyer, it doesn't get any sleazier than this does it?

Matt did us a two hour long ride that starts incorporates druggy downtempo, lowslung deepness a…

Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace mix)

Killer release by Australian disco hotshots out of Sydney, Loin Brothers, who serve up a scrumptious dish of deepdisco in four different flavours entitled Garden of Vargulf. This is another one on that beaut of an aussie label Future Classic that can't seem to do much wrong with their recent few outings.

The pick for myself here is an easy choice: a sure-fire smasher by our very own Tornado Wallace, who's seriously on a bit of a tear right now with his killer sound; following up correct on his lovely DOG release, and the Alex Agore (who we love, for the record!) remix of Man Down, this tune is more or less butter on a growing stack. This one introduces hammer to nail with confidence for me; Tornado's trademark punchy, spaced-out beats, combined with the right mix of disco elements and deep sounds make for easy ingredients in perfection. Toss in one gnarly bassline, a pinch of lush keys and random wolf howl (as if there shouldn't be more wolf howls in house music) and it…

Redux Blog

The classy Redux imprint launched a brand new weblog a few weeks ago. Owners and editors in chief Andy and Tristan post up mixes, music and news from the Redux Camp quite regularly, so time to whip out the bookmark I'd day. Head over there now for a pair of tasty edits by Fernando (whose excellent Scarecrow EP we covered on these pages a while ago) and news on the release front (very exciting stuff, a Mark E remix coming up and a Ron Basejam EP is in the works).

Check it out here

Mark E - Nobody Else (Running Back)

Another couple of original production blinders from our pal Mark E of Jisco/Merc fame on one of our favourite German imprints, Running Back. A hefty package of trance-inducing deephouse this is that's likely to please even the most discerning of deep-heads. Ze A kicks off with the title track Nobody Else, featuring both an original and a beats version, both quite different. Boasting a midtempo deephouse beat, cascading bass stabs that cut through a distorted siren sample, all topped off nicely with what sounds vaguely like it could be Mark's version of rock the bells, we get a tight tune that all blends together amazingly to work a megatreat. The B2 beats version is perhaps more prime time fodder, stripping everything down but the bells and adding chunkier drums, which seriously works to magnificent effect - would love to hear this badboy dropped prime time.

But wait, there's more - the flip gives us The Wolf, another top shelf warm builder complete with nice synths, a fie…

Sleazy Tees

Thanks everyone for sending in your ideas and designs, we've had some lovely stuff pop up in our inbox! Always hard to pick a winner so we decided to go with....two winners!

First up is Matthew McDonald's elegant Drop The Tempo design. Matthew, a graphic designer from NYC, also happens to make some of the sexiest edits around under his NoRequest nom de guerre. Make sure to head over to his soundcloud page to check out his tracks and fill yer boots.

Winner number two is 18 year old Lucie, a graphic design student from France. She did us a sexy design that works the vintage pinup angle in a really fresh way. Lucie's obviously got heaps of talent.

We're going to get in touch with the winners, get these designs over to a printshop as soon as possible and get some sleazy cotton action going. We'll make sure to let you know once they're available!

"Design a tee" competition

We get quite a lot of questions regarding merchandise, seems there´s public demand for sleazy tees. We´d love to cater to your every need but let´s face facts here, we´re no designers and don´t know where to start, and vinyl is so expensive to produce this whole endeavor is actually costing us money. In short: we need your help and a dash of good samaritanism (is that even a word?).

Here´s the deal. Design us a tee and we´ll shower you with love AND Sleazy Beats goodies (the winner gets a copy of every record we´ve released so far, including the forthcoming sampler 12" and, obviously, a schmancy t-shirt once they´re all done. We´re after a design that incorporates 1) at least one steamy vintage pinup chick and 2) is fit for plot printing (vector image). Please send your scribbles and sketches to:

We´ll post all entries on the blog (unless they´re done in MSPaint) and pick a winner in a week or so.

Dikso Super Sound Single Volume 1

Massive debut release from Germany´s Dikso imprint. It should come as no surprise that we have a bit of a soft spot for blogs that delevelop into proper labels, as is the case here. Over the past year, Dikso has been sharing some very tasty podcasts and dubbed out disco edits by the likes of Daniel Solar, Marc Poppcke and Andi de Luxe. Head over there if you haven't heard of these guys before.

For their maiden vinyl voyage (commendable in this day and age!), the Dikso crew line up three of the most exciting talents of today's pitched down/beatdown disco movement. Sydney´s Francis Inferno Orchestra makes his first appearance on wax with the incredibly infectious ´So Divine´, a chirpy ´n cheeky midtempo rework of an 80s track (complete with falsetto Boy George type vocals) with big drums and oodles of oomph. We predict great things for FIO this year(keep an eye out for a forthcoming single on Under The Shade and a release on our very own Sleazy Beats)

Next up is Never by "No …

Duff Disco - Eagle Flight (Duff Disco)

Another gem has been put forth by pitched down hero Duff Disco. Based on the superhuman strength of his first release in early 2010 that brought us the magic that is his Fame edit, (not to mention Red Hot on the flip), we predicted big things for this cat. We were right. Since then he's stealthily put out two more monster releases on his Duff Disco imprint that have each held their own extremely well in sleaze-ville. Duffman now drops off his fourth smashing release, Eagle Flight - and we're barely halfway through the year...look out below, etc.

This nifty disc features a spicy edit of Fly Like an Eagle on the A that's capable of doing some damage, but for myself the meat and spuds lies with the expertly crafted tune on the flip entitled Sister Wha? It's a dreamy slow groover with a megabadass bassline that clocks in around the 97 bpm mark. The elements echo, ooze and drip off each bar in the tune in just the right way, cue major shivers here. A proper piece of divine…

Kultra Edits 1&2

Crazy weekend this has been so far. Food poisoning on friday (still feeling a bit woozy), my mixer getting seriously borked (an ECLER NUO5 that cost me an arm and a leg about two years ago but now refuses to produce anything but screeches and muffled static) and to top it all off one of my cats decided to use my copy of Rondenion's Tokyo Deep (on of the best records ever made FYI) as a scratching toy this morning.

Meanwhile, it's been raining fantastic releases over the past few days. The new Kolour Ltd by Alex Agore (with an excellent remix by our very own Tornado Wallace) is absolutely smashing. The Tiger & Woods camp drop another bomb on Editainment - Cleo & Patra - On The Nile - check the B1 track, it's ridiculously good. Golf Channel dropped off another pair of superexclusive EPs by DJ Nature, who does beatdown house better than Moodymann these days) right in time for the weekend. Don't sleep on these, the first two EPs he did for the label are already impo…