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Wolf Music - Paw To The Floor EP

A new record from those lovely guys over at Wolf Music is always a special treat, but sweet Jebus, they really outdid themselves with the ´Paw To The Floor EP´. As we´ve come to expect from the Wolf camp, it´s another mini-compilation, which means full bang for your buck: 4 tracks by 4 different producers. Things start off with The Dead Rose Music Company´s "Just a Bitter Love", a piano-laden chugfest with the most irresistable breakdown I´ve heard all year. A classic in the making, and a fine showcase of what the Dead Rose crew are capable of. Watch those guys, they´re about to drop the first single on their own imprint Taikomochi , and will make an appearance on Sleazy Beats vinyl in 2011. Next up on side A is Melbourne-based youngster The Francis Inferno Orchestra. Hot on the heels of his classy debut on Dikso comes his ´Time for Tea´, a classy moody midtempo deephouse workout with a relentless groove wrapped around subdued diva vocals. I love everything FIO touches these…

Deadly Sins - Giant Cuts vol 3

The Giant Cuts crew continue their deadly saga (see what I did there?) with their third outing on vinyl. I don´t know about you, but I love to throw in some cheeky disco when I play slower beatdown stuff to keep things fresh and upbeat (and the ladies happy too). Let´s face it, there´s a limit to the amount of moody strings and deep pads a floor can handle...Deadly Sins aptly provide us with some prime dancefloor disco fodder for those moments. If you´ve been reading these pages, you know what to expect: extented and expertly chopped up disco beats and breaks, some obscure, some well known, with some extra oomph thrown in for good measure.

On the A, Mtume´s ´So You Wanna Be A Dance Star´ get the Deadly Sins treatment, turning an already grand original into a true and cheerful boogiefest. Sure to bring out some smiles when played loud. The Jackson 5´s "Mirrors of My Mind" is the next victim of the DS editing blade. A similar edit of this track surfaced a few years back on Unde…

Trickski - After & Before Ep (Suol Germany)

Berlin heavyweights Trickskihave been at it again, and are quickly making a smooth transition into 'buy-on-sight' territory for us here at SBHQ. These guys have seen massive success with their releases in the past on many of our fave labels such as Stillloveformusic, Future Classic, and DOG (the latter release we covered here on these pages earlier this year). Their latest release - dubbed the After and Before Ep on Suol Germany (formerly known as Baalsaal) is honestly nothing short of astounding, as it features what Juno have anointed 'one of the year's best slo-mo jams'. All diction/adjective usage aside, and as much as we've come to seriously hate the term - they're probably not far off the mark.

Many of our readers will already know about the one we're talking about here as a) the hype surrounding it has been pretty huge for months now and b) it has been out for a bit already. We are of course talking about the long-awaited and highly anti…

Deymare - Talking About Your Love (Boe Recordings)

Since its inception in 2007, London's Boe Recordings has firmly established itself as a staple imprint for simply spectacular house music with a range of influences. Boe honcho Ben Parkinson has made the clever move to sign tracks that often fly deceptively below the radar, with material from Iron Curtis, Ladzinski and Leif to name a few; as such Boe Recordings has proven to be a consistent tag for those who like it deep, but with raw emotion and authority. The forthcoming BOE009 release is one that we're quite excited about, as it incorporates a bit more of a sound that we have come to love and cherish here at SBR, this time by Finnish producer Deymare. His Talking About Your Love Ep is a sublime 4 tracker of slightly pitched down and edgy deepstuff that's still aimed towards a heady dancefloor.

The A side kicks things of properly with my pick 'Your Love' - a crunchy, off-center, rich & rhodesy deephouse workout with heavily layered drums and a grea…

Skylevel - Skylevel Edits 01

We get sent a lot of stuff these days (and a lot of dross to be honest), but we don't get sent many actual "records". You can imagine how excited we got when the postman stopped by at Sleazy HQ to drop off a promotional copy of ´Skylevel01´, a new project from a well-known and well respected Berlin based producer (that´s all we can say about who´s behind this though, we´re sworn to secrecy). We can, however, assure you this is an absolute pearl of a record, which features two bassheavy, chunky midtempo reworks of obscure funk tracks.

Things start off with ´55 steps´, a chunky groover with what has to be the filthiest slap bass I´ve heard this year. Picadilly Records aptly described it as "a concentrated, bassline groove that just keeps piling on the dancefloor pressure a la Paperclip People "Throw". The track moves from part to part smoothly, playing with a certain rock attitude while holding back a few surprises along the way".

Things get even better o…

Casinoboy/Toby Tobias - Alreet (Tracky Bottoms)

Man there's great records dropping left and right these past weeks. Ben Sun's release on Voyeurhythm is nothing short of spectacular, the forthcoming Wolf Music sampler is propably their biggest one yet and the boys over at Kolour Limited have a bit of a treat in store for us as well. We'll make sure to cover all of these in the coming days, but here's a quicky to celebrate the return of Toby Tobias' cheeky Tracky Bottoms imprint.

I'm a big fan of Toby Tobias, you never quite know what to expect when he has a new piece of music out. While some of his output is a little too nu-disco-ey for my taste, his productions skills always shine through. I like Mr. Tobias best when he flies under the 'Casinoboy' flag and throws those studio skills at some proper disco. The first two releases on his Tracky Bottoms label were superb (that never-ending edit of 'La vie en rose' has been doing it for me for years now) and this new one is no exception.

On side A …

Whiskey Disco - Boogie Bodega

The fifth release on Sleazy McQueen's classy Whiskey Disco imprint is a downright clusterbomb. Cosmic Boogie starts things off with the deliciously slow and soulful 'How can you say goodbye', one of those tracks that even your gran will like. The real boogie juices start flowing once Rayko (one of Soundcloud's current darlings, check out his page, he has loads of great bits up there at the moment) mans the controls. His S&M (Sexy Music) is a proper chunk of 80s quirky boogie with wonky synths, sharp drums and inane vocals. Drop this at the right moment and the floor will be yours to keep.

On the flip, Anthony Mansfield reworks 'Hercules', a most tasty 70s vocal blaxploitation jazzfunk track. Mr Mansfield wields the editing blade with predictable style and grace, and keeps the warm, hazy vibe of the track in tact. Not one for the clubs, but a perfect track for bars, restaurants and outdoor parties. A Whiskey Disco party is not complete without an appearance b…

Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End (Mirau)

After two massive 12"s for Under The Shade sister imprint Third Strike, Erdbeerschnitzel unleashes an absolute pearl of a record on Tensnake´s Mirau. I´ve been lusting after the title track ´To An End´ for over a year now, so I´m over the moon to report it´s finally out on Juno Download. In case you haven´t heard this before, a few words of warning: if your significant other is not into electronic music, buy him/her a cheap flight to a vacation resort, because you´re bound to be playing this non-stop for the coming weeks. To An End is a genuine and timeless piece of electronic soul. It´s slow, it´s deep, it´s mesmerizing, it´s melancholy, it´s perfect. Tim Keiling - the man behind the wonky name - assured me a 12" is in the works as well, so keep em peeled.
Give ´To An End´ a whirl here:

Buy here

Reviews of SBR004

Things are busy here at Sleazy HQ, so just a quick update to share some nice reviews of our brand spankin´ new Sleazy Family Sampler (Juno´s best selling record this week, how amazing is that?!) we found perusing the net. In the following days we´ll be covering new music from Whiskey Disko, Kolour Limited, Voyeurhythm, Boe and Skylevel, so keep ´em peeled!

"Good thing there isn't much to do on the Canadian ski slopes during summer, as Eddie C seems to have spent the warmer months knocking out a steady stream of killer releases. The man from Banff has just dropped a delicious new 12" on Hometaping Is Killing Music, and here headlines a four track EP that also boasts new material from SE62, Tornado Wallace and Daniel Solar. Eddie's effort kicks off the A Side, with the deliciously funky rolling rhythms of "Move Me" ably supported by SE62's "Out There", itself drenched in Motor City atmospherics. Flip over for Melbourne's golden boy Lewie…

Sleazy Update

Holy shit there's a lot going on at the moment around Sleazy HQ! First things first: our new record just hit the shops. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, it's our first sampler, it features tracks by Tornado Wallace, Eddie C, SE62 and Daniel Solar, it's vinyl only, a limited pressing and we think it's very, very good. We'd had some great feedback from giants like Harri, Ali OOFT, The Revenge, Cottam, LTJ XPerience, Dead Rose Music Company, Sleazy McQueen, Craig Smith and a few others, who've all been finding a place for these bobs and beats in their sets.

Fatcity Records wrote a nice little review on the release:

"Fourth release on the label from those guys over at the excellent Sleazybeats blog. Eddie C returns with a bang with his chugger 'Move Me', Tornado Wallace continues his fine form with a take on Surface's 'Stop Holding Back'. On the flip, Home Taping´s SE62 delivers a heavy rework of a forgotten Willie Hutch track a…

Kojak Giant Sound Feature

Those of you that have reading up on all things disco for a few years must have stumbled upon the now defunct Kojak Giant Sounds blog at some point. Finnish veteran Ionik (who also runs things over at Traveller Records) pulled the plug on the blog back in February 2010 and set up a label under the Kojak flag instead. In a few months time, Kojak has established itself as one of the most-hyped edit imprints around, and deservedly so: with rising talents like Nicholas, Rayko, Blacklodge and Leftside Wobble expertly wielding the editing blade, you know you can expect nothing but quality leftfield disco and boogie beats. The five 12"s Kojak put out all sold out in a matter of days and go for silly amounts on discogs now. About time we got in touch with Kojak label boss Ionik for a quick Q&A (see below). Have a listen to some of Kojak and Traveller's best bits below while reading up on upcoming represses and Finland's vibrant disco scene.

Nicholas - "Slick Groove"