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La Tuerie - Basement Boutique EP (SBR007)

After a string of heavy midtempo house bits on our little label we figured it was time for something a little different. Lo and behold our forthcoming release by Milan-based La Tuerie, who churned out four rather neat slow beatdown burners for us. On the A we have Midnight, a piece of deep midnight basement soul, and Big Things, a chunky, loopy groover. Both tracks hover around the 95 PBM mark and are perfect warm up / cool down fodder. On the flip there's Zanzibar, a fine slice of downtempo boogie, and Tastumi, a slightly more uptempo filter fest with a killer groove. We love the choppy, Theo-esque (is that even a word?) vibe on these productions over here. Reckon this should go down well on boat, beach and basement parties this summer.

Have a taste here, the 12" will be out late May

Toomy Disco - Smowing (Sold Out)

Three track EP by young Argentinian producer Toomy Disco. After dabbling with Marvin Gaye for Dikso (make sure to check Blues City, it's awesome) he now turns his hands to mr. Barry White for an ace deep slow burning disco stomper. And yes, I know, cutting and looping up old disco records over heavy slow drums is starting to get really old, but when it's done this tastefully it's simply irresistable. If you like Duff Disco's output you're going to love this one. Perfect track for the summer season (drop this at the right moment on a decent rig on a sunkissed beach and people will go nuts).

There's two tracks on the flip too. While Rings of Saturn is a rather forgettable midtempo nu-disco thing, Disco Momentum is perfect peaktime disco fodder reminiscent of 90s French filter house. It's all about the A side though. The power of Barry compels you to pick up this record and make disco babies to it.

Buy here

Todd Terje - Ragysh (Running Back)

Just a quick note to let you know about something a tad different but still a record we're pretty excited about this week, which is the fantastic new Running Back 12" entitled 'Ragysh' by our favourite Norwegian, The Terjenator aka Todd Terje Olsen to his mom. This guy don't come out with too many of these here eps, so when a new slab comes along by him it's always good to snap it up quick. We've been huge fans forever of many of his edits, some of them are simply a few of the best produced re-rubs of all time. This record contains possibly an even bigger surprise however, as you'll find 3 of the man's original productions...which is something you really don't see too often. Rumour has it that just last week in fact - this record apparently sold out at a record shop in Oslo one afternoon which soon resulted in people literally brawling in the streets. Luckily a truck soon arrived with a new shipment and a full scale meltdown was n…

Gallery of Awesomeness

The fun thing about a record is that it's tangible. You can hold it, sit on it, smash it over your best friends' head in a drunken stupor, sell it on Ebay when you're strapped for cash, the possibilities are endless. One of the main perks of running a record label is the joy of seeing your records pop up in the craziest places all over the world. What remains a mystery for us though is who actually ends up buying the records. Yes, we're looking for you! Without you there would be no infinite riches, Bentleys with drivers and cheap women throwing themselves at our feet. That's why we'd love for you to send a picture of you holding/hugging/playing/kissing/heavypetting a slice of sleazy beats wax. Not only will you get a spot in our 'Gallery of Awesomeness', but if we get enough submissions (around 100) we'll use all your pics for a proper 12" record sleeve as well. Giving back and reachin' out nahmean?

Please fire over your pictures to sleazy…

Volta Cab - Why You Came Back Here (Apersonal)

A new release from the Apersonal camp is always a treat but this fifth 12" coming out of the Barcelona-based imprint is really quite special, introducing Russian youngster Volta Cab. The four tracks on offer are all orginal productions riding the midtempo express and carefully balancing between balearic nu disco and slow beatdown house. The title track features smooth guitar licks, spaced out claps and a male vocal asking us to explain 'why come back here', which may sounds kinda ghetto when you read this ("why you come back here foo") but I think language barriers are to blame here, it is in fact a sweet and tender groover that will go down a treat this summer. The A2, Surfing on Delay, is another nice chunk of pitched down dreaminess. It's the flip of the record that really gets my juiced flowing though. "Ice" is a gloopy squelcher with a really cool synth hook and understated beats, perfect fodder for the beach season. It's the closing track…