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Skylevel 003 (Skylevel)

So I've somehow gone and broken my dominant, right typing hand (just what I need before leaving on vacation) so will make this a quick post, just to let you know about the third installment of the killer Skylevel series that has thankfully hit the shelves of all fine shops. We quite honestly rinsed the first release to bits, certified dancefloor tested stuff...but I must say - and I'm ashamed to admit, that somehow the second release flew completely below my radar (luckily managed to snatch up a copy recently however, it's ace). Skylevel's enigmatic identity has been kept largely under wraps since the inception of the label so we're choosing to still not give anything away. But in case you don't know - as Skylevel 001 and 002 have proven - you should expect nothing but badass, heavy funk groovers with fat drums and gnarly basslines of the highest order from these dudes. We reckon this is seriously no-brainer, buy-on-sight fodder that's bound an…

Tyson Ballard - Little Too Much * Ben Sun rmx (Voyeurhythm)

A little while ago, we made a solemn vow to plug and pimp all things Voyeurhythm, one of the most underrated imprints in the disco/house scene. If you've been reading these little reviews over the past years, you know that the Voyeurhythm boys really push the envelope with their output. It's commendable they refuse to stick to one specific style. They've released squelchy analog boogie cuts, synthy disco tracks and motorcity soul nuggets of the deepest variety, all to great effect. It's Ben Sun's deep, moody and broody cuts like 'Salty Tears' and 'Victoria Park' that have been getting the most attention, and deservedly so. We already covered his sublime recent remix of Deep Space Orchestra on Boogie Originals. We might even have mentioned that he also had a remix of Tyson Ballard (Voyeurhythm label boss) out.

Tyson Ballard - Little Too Much // Ben Sun Dawn's Arrival mix // VR006 by Ben Sun

We might not have mentioned that it's without a doubt…

Party Time!

The guys behind the fledgling Outernational label are setting up a new night in Rotterdam, Holland's second-biggest city and arguably the country's beating heart in terms of culture with a sharp edge (the city boasts a few magnificent museums, galleries and underground venues). The first event on the 23rd of September is called Slow, and we get to play some sleazy tuneage alongside the Outernational boys, Ben La Desh and Amsterdam's rising deephouse star Simon Weiss. Well up for a night of filthy disco, so if you're out and about and in the neigbourhood, pop in and come say hi! Can't wait to bust out my brand new ISODISCO tee for the occasion. "I'm so fucking disco".

Check the link below for more info:

V.A. - The Dirty Dancing Sampler (SBR008)

Right, so a little over a week ago our 8th release came out. Funny coincidence that our first sampler 'the Sleazy Family EP' came out pretty much exactly a year ago. Remember that one? Yellow chick on the sticker, tracks by Eddie C, Tornado Wallace, Daniel Solar and SE62? Seems like a bit of a dreamteam now but back when we signed those tracks, all these beatdown maestros only had one or two releases under their belt. Sleazy Beats has never been about banking on the popularity of veterans or putting out intentionally 'big records'. Instead we've been trying to find exciting new music and give up and coming producers a break. Which leads us to 'The Dirty Dancing Sampler', on which we welcome four new names to our little label's roster. We're quite proud of this particular release. We like to think that, in spite of featuring four different artists from four different countries and completely different backgrounds, the record is surprisingly coherent…