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Inkswel - Glass Tear Groove EP (Boogie Bash)

Well we all know the Australian scene is a hotbed for more than its share of great producers over the past few years. A proper handful of some of our favourite basement dwelling knob twiddlers have popped up from down under, hailing from Melbourne most often. Now once again we've become more than a tad smitten with another producer who goes by the name of Inkswel. Fresh stuff if we've ever heard it, this guy's creating some of the most different and forward thinking music we've heard in a good while.

One of the perks of running a label is you get to justify spending a good portion of your day browsing record shops for all the new releases, and to catch up on old stuff you might have missed (baby I'll give you a footrub later, I'm doing label research right now). Just a couple of weeks ago while 'working' we stumble across these 2 Inkswel releases on Amsterdam imprint Boogie Bash, two of which are by this Inkswel chap. So we click for a list…

V.A. One For The Road EP (Outernational)

Our buddies from Outernational are about to release their sophomore EP and it's quite a special one while they're at it. I first met Mitchell and Dragan, the dudes behind the Rotterdam based label, at a Mark E party here in Holland, where we got chatting about music, running a record label and other shenanigans over a few beers. We've been keeping in touch ever since (hey, we're the only two Dutch labels that push this sound, got to stick together) and even got to play some records side by side at their first SLOW party a few months ago. After the overnight success of their debut release - Kastil's Dusty Edits vol 1 - the Outernational Men were in a bit of a pickle. So many good producers out there, who to pick for the - always difficult - second release?

They cleverly opted for a four track sampler with three different artists. We've discussed the merits of mini-comps on these pages before, so by now you should know I'm a big sucker for these things. When …

The Glue - Without You (Sccucci Manucci)

Sccucci Manucci's 'Three is a Crowd' EP is right around the corner (a few test pressings were up on Juno and lasted a few minutes, so you'll have to be patient a few more weeks for the proper record to arrive). Perfect timing for a few words about the ever-likeable Sccucci imprint then.

I got to meet up with (superfriendly) label boss James Vorres over at ADE for a few beers. We talked about the label's name - which James admitted means absolutely nothing in Italian and is impossible to spell correctly -, clever ways of making your significant other believe the records you're bringing into the house are gifts/demos/incredible finds at the charity shop/left by some div at the station can you believe that? /etc and exploding record cases in Ibiza (a bizarre chain of events involving a lazy customs official, Tal M Klein's recordbag, a bomb disposal unit and a not so happy ending).

We also got talking about the release at hand here, which features tracks by Toom…

Love Unlimited Vibes vol 3

Let's face it, I'm a bit of a lazy git. Here's my usual routine: A. get home from work B. stick the wee one in the tub C. wolf down some food D. bust out the Macbook E. check out what's new over at Juno F. whip out the credit card G. fall asleep on the couch. Which, let's face it, is pretty awesome. Stocking up on new music with minimal effort, what else could you wish for? Having said that, I've been a regular over at Rush Hour - Amsterdam's finest record shop - for well over a decade, and I invariably end up discovering new and exciting music there that would have flown under my radar otherwise. Recent examples are the Pools EPs on Spills (more on those later), Inkswel and the Boogie Bash imprint (incredible stuff, we'll cover that on these pages soon too). Another series I stumbled upon while perusing Rush Hour's disco/funk/boogie section is Love Unlimited Vibes, who just released their third EP. About time we gave this mysterious imprint/product…

VA - DG Edits 2

For a while there was a whackload of new releases flooding them pages over at our favourite record haunts, but one only needs to scan the bestseller charts to see it's more or less repress city at the moment, needless to say nothing to get overly excited about. There was one spicy record we picked up a couple of weeks ago however - purely designed to rock the dancefloor in an extremely fun way, by the mysterious DG.

Three different edits on offer here, one of which is arguably of one of the best Hamilton Bohannon tunes around, 'Take The Country to New York City'. A vocal and a dub are nicely laid out on the A. On the B, 'Movin' by 70s disco & funk-a-nauts Brass Construction is a downright classic having been rinsed and sampled by some of the all-time great 80s and 90s NYC jocks, Masters at Work for one. Granted: this ain't a helluva lot different than the original - but what a treat it is to have this gem on a nice fat 12"...a…

B-Jam - Swindled By Time (Smokecloud US)

We've said it before and we'll say it again, what the hell is in the water over in Scotland? This week's delight comes to us in the form of a little treat by Edinburgian beatdown wiz Barry Fell, aka B-Jam to his mom (no, wait...). Barry's managed to concoct some of the best mixtapes we've heard over the past couple of years: impecably crafted, programmed and mixed (and always containing some really stellar cover art) not to mention some of the same top tunes that we're usually drooling over at that time. This little 10" gem the man's produced entitled 'Swindled By Time' arrives on the mysterious but seriously disco & funk-dedicated US vinyl-only imprint Smokecloud.

Kicking things off on the A is 'Verry Free' - a badass beatdown edit that you may well recognize, as it's one that yes we have heard before...however it must be emphasized this B Jam take strays happily more than an arm's length away from both the origi…