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Eddie C / Gem G - Bike 003 (Red Motorbike)

Hot wax alert!!  Our favorite Canuck Eddie C has dropped the third in his Red Motorbike series.  This is a must have record.  Just stop reading right now and go buy it.  It is seriously that good.  If you have kept up with any of the Common Edits or the 7 Inches of Love series then you will already know what to expect here.  Nothing but hand-stamped 45's, with top quality cuts and slices of source material that were already amazing to begin with.  Eddie tackles a War classic by 'Tripping Into Darkness'.  He does it intelligently by reaching for someone else's version, the Ramsey Lewis Trio, which honestly has always been one of my personal favorites.  Then you have Gem G on the flip side.  I'm not really familiar with Gem, but the way he expertly brings Curtis Mayfield into his own lush psychedelic wonderland of 'Bamboo Clouds' tells me that he is here to stay.

Both tracks can be heard below, buried and mixed into a DJ set that Eddie C played last month in…

Stupid Human - Tony Rock (Stupid Human)

The Stupid one, aka Mr. Gilbert when his lawyer's calling, has just released his 5th release in what is quickly becoming a classic series of stupid records. Here we have the man slicing up another 2 jump-up party tunes that should go hand in hand with the insanely good weather we're loving overhead in most of europe at the moment. When refering to the man's productions though I hesitate greatly to use the term 'edits', even if that's very well what they he is cunninly adept at wielding a blade: selecting just the right sections for the block - and furthermore usually only choosing tracks that might do well with a wee snip n' tuck. Gwan then. I myself am still looking for a clean copy of SH002 'Ahh You're Welcome' for a decent price (anyone?) and still rinse Gun-Ga-Din any chance I get, and Swamp Funk is still to this day a classic/fave at all our sleazy Slammin' Silver® wedding anniversaries, Boomin' Barmitzvahs® and…

V.A. We Are VR (Voyeurhythm)

The sun's out and I have the day off: the perfect excuse to head over to Rush Hour, my local retailer of the fine black stuff. I was actually just going in to pick up some old bits I found on their Discogs page (some killer old Theo Parrish tunes) when I spotted Voyeurhythm's latest outing in the 'just in' section. I've said it many times before, but we think Voyeurhythm is one of the most underrated  labels out there at the moment, harbouring a fine bunch of talented producers. So here's the next installment of our 'plugging and pimping all things Voyeurthythm' series.

"We Are VR" is a sampler of sorts, with trusted label stalwarts Ben Sun and Tyson Ballard pitching in a track each, and introducing Francis Inferno Orchestra and DJ HMC (whose alias Late Nite Tuff Guy might ring a bell or two) to the imprint's roster. Ben Sun kicks things off with 'Just Living', a string-drenched deephouser with stuttering vocals, shuffling hats an…

Tommy Awards - Tommy Awards EP (Magic Feet)

After covering a bunch of moody, bassheavy deephouse nuggets over the past few weeks, it's time for something a little different to keep things interesting: the Tommy Awards EP on Magic Feet.

In case you were wondering (and obviously you were): I used to beat the sh*t out of Craig Bratley's Free Music EP on Lowdown that came out almost a decade ago (think 90s jacking deephouse, used to be obsessed with those US imports back in the day). The sound he's pushing with Magic Feet - his new label - is an alltogether different beast though, introducing the unmistakable talents of Sweden's Jon Möller and Alexander Holm under their 'Tommy Awards" nom de plume. Make room for dreamy, meandering balearica everyone!

Opening track 'Blind Andy' is a lovely slowpaced, breezy percussive shuffler (close your eyes and feel the sun tickle your skin and lick your eardrums).  Skuggan, also on the A, follows roughly the same delectable recipe, with gentle live guitars throw…

Lazare Hoche & Martin Hayes - LH Edits (Lazare Hoche)

When we think of bomb records to come out of France we here at sleazy HQ are immediately reminded of the immaculate deep house stuff that came out circa 1990s on labels like Versatile, Basic, Basenotic et al. The thought of goodtime funk & disco jams doesn't exactly spring to mind. New Paris-based label named Lazare Hoche (named aptly after an 18th C french revolutionary soldier) aims at chipping away at that stereotype though, releasing chunky edits that have one thing in mind - to work on the dancefloor.

We know very little about the imprint except its run by three Parisian chaps who share responsibility of music and artwork combined, and from the looks/sounds of things it seems they know what they're doing. Now you might be thinking that the whole edit thing has had its day - and you'd be right to a certain extent. But these three cuts they've chosen to spice up are very obvious and deliberate and lord knows the originals are damn good. And surely…

V.A. Restaurant EP (Rest Music)

After a sublime debut a few months ago (see our glowing review here), Herb LF and Phil Decker just put out the sophomore release on their freshly minted imprint Rest! Music, which we kindly got sent for reviewing purposes. It's a sampler of sorts, with Morgenklang, Superloader and Discoshit (the nom de plume of the label bosses) all pitching in a track. Morgenklang and Superloader are new names to me, but if it's house of the moody and bottom-end heavy persuasion you seek, you're in most capable hands here. Morgenklang kicks things off rather nicely with 'Green & Blue', a deep workout with clean but heavy drums, a driving bassline and some well-placed synth stabs. Discoshit's 'Strangers' starts off as a lovely midtempo groover with chunky drums, but the groove gets a little overshadowed by superheavy squelchy synths about two minutes in. A bit too heavy/squelchy to my ears but if you like your music twisted and techy you're bound to love this.

Frank Booker - Fall Out EP (Sleazy Beats)

Almost exactly three years ago (May 4th 2009) we posted our first musings on this blog:

"Welcome to this little space, devoted to midtempo electronica. We'll be discussing deephouse, disco, downtempo, soul and funk here that's aimed at the dancefloor but goes a little easier on the jugular. Music with a shelf life, records that will still sound fresh in a couple of years. 

Music made with love and passion. Music with a groove that makes your head bop and your fingers snap without you even noticing. We'll celebrate some of today's finest DJs and try to serve up the best mixes around. And we'll keep you up to date on fortcoming releases by some of the best labels around".
And here we are today, celebrating the release of our tenth release! In many ways, it's a really special record for us. For one, it's the tenth record, which is a bit of a landmark for a bunch of geeks taking the vinyl only route with with no experience in running a label whatsoever…