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Skylevel 5 (Skylevel)

Before we publish our inevitable 'twelve of 2012' post and share some sharp observations with you (those godawful 90s chords, handstamped nonsense, kids jumping on bandwagons faster than Americans stocking up on assault rifles and some other particular pet peeves) we're sneaking in one last review before the year's end, as the very kind souls over at Skylevel sent us a test pressing of their next record and - rather unsurprisingly - it's rather immense.

We got the first EP on the label in the mail back in 2010 with hardly any info to go by. A 12" record with two reworks by 'Skylevel' and classy/etchy artwork on the cover. No names though, no address, no myspace/soundcloud/facebook/twitter/tumbler/googleplus, nothing, but the two tracks on offer were truly exceptional, proper driving and obscure disco tackle. Yes, disco reworks. I can almost sense your eyes glazing over but fret not: no overcompressed deephouse drums thrown under three timestretched l…

New Sleazy Beats mixtape: Special Ops

Fresh beats! The Soundcloud nazis won't let us upload this so we popped our Mixcloud cherry instead. More info and tracklisting included in the player thingy, hope yous dig the moody beats and merry christmas everyone!

Sleazybeats_recordings's Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

M.Ono - Easydance EP (Rose Records 04)

Labels these days often come and go like a fart in a brisk wind. Fly-by-night vinyl imprints with the aim of making a couple bucks (yes, good luck with that) or more likely looking to fulfill some self-serving need for notoriety by running a house label - start up shop, release one or two eps then call it a day for any number of reasons, disappearing in to a sea of defunct and sadly forgotten labels. Of course, most of these will only serve to stir up some emotions and memories for the purchaser ten years on, or maybe find their way into a second hand shop for 70% off. Or ashtrays, obv. 
This has definitely not been the case with the Rose Records bunch when they founded their little labour of love back in '11 by some likeminded and kindhearted souls in Leipzig, nor does it seem this will ever happen. Now having reached their 4th delectable release though I think it's safe to say that we won't be turning any of their eps into art-deco record wall hangings anytime soon. Cre…

Das Volt - Rose EP (Late Night Audio)

I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this new record on Late Night Audio since early 2011 when snippets of the Mark E remix of 'Out of Phase' first surfaced. LNA had just released Toby Tobias' Macasu EP (one of my favorite records of the past few years) and I was obsessed with everything Mark E touched back then. I'm not sure what happened next, but the release got pushed back and samples disappeared for what seemed like an eternity. All was quiet on the western front, and I forgot all about it, untill I saw snippets of it pop up on the 'coming soon' website of distribution channel Above Board a while ago (yes I know this is me admitting I'm a superdork for checking sites like that). It was with great joy I finally pulled it out of a mailer last week and played it in its full glory for the first time.

The Mark E mix of 'Out of Phase' that got me all weak in the knees back in 2011 hasn't lost any of its mesmerizing power. If you like th…

Sleazy Beats & Ben La Desh (Dazzleville, NYE, Amsterdam)

We kindly got invited to play at Dazzleville, which should be one of the best parties/festivals in Amsterdam this NYE with multiple stages, live acts, DJs and wonky performances. Monsieur Monod will be holding down the fort for Sleazy Beats, playing a three hour back to back disco/house set with Ben La Desh. We played together before in Rotterdam and had an amazing time (you know how it goes, beerears = cheeky tunes. I sure hope he'll be bringing his Porno for Pyros edit again...) so well looking forward to this! More info re: lineup and tickets and the inevitable FB page below. Hope some of you will come down for a NYE Hi-5. We'll be roadtesting some forthcoming Sleazy Beats Black Ops bits for the first time!

DAZZLEVILLE, New Years Night Festival. ‘Burning the year of the dragon’
31-12-2012 21:00 – 06:00 7 areas NDSM Werf Amsterdam
Website: Twitter: Facebook pagina:

Andras Fox - Your Life (APR WAX 002)

Erm, so it's been over a month since our last post. Seriously bad form on our part, but it wasn't us being our usual catatonic selves that caused the radio silence this time: a fried Macbook and a phone from the same company that took a nasty dive into my dishwater cut me off from the civilized world for a few weeks. So with all the equipment finally back in action again it's about time to cover some of the great records we've been buying or been sent over the past few weeks. Let's kick things off with a few words on Andras Fox's extraordinary 'Your Life' which Audio Parallax's label boss David Kenney so kindly stuck in the mail for us.

The title track came out digitally well over a year ago on APR alongside three other smooth slices of house not house/disco not disco. In the meantime, the label's branched out into the realm of expensive and fragile 12" vinyl (haha suckers, welcome to a world of hurt and empty savings accounts). And what b…