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Typesun - Last Home (DJ Nature rmx) / Boogie Futuro

The second release on Boogiefuturo, Future Boogie's cheeky sister imprint, is the kind of record we love to stumble upon and cover on here. I don't really follow Future Boogie to be honest (the popular house label's output is a bit too easy on the boogie for my tastes) and the first record on Boogiefuturo by B+S definitely wasn't for me, as I hate housed-up R'n B edits/bootlegs with a fierce passion. Mention DJ Nature though and we'll immediately prick up our ears, so when a youtube vid of his remix of a track called 'Last Home' by Typesun started doing the rounds we quickly cottoned on.

The original by Typesun was the opening act of a recent compilation on Futureboogie, celebrating their 10 year anniversary. I hadn't heard 'Last Home' before but it's really really good downtempo tackle: lush melancholic strings, a  soft bongo line setting a leisurely pace, with tambourine hits, woodblock percussion and muted trumpets weaving in an out …

Popular People's Front - Might Even Dance (Disco Deviance)

The dirty Disco Deviance team rolls out the red carpet for a big new release that's got our panties in a twist, as it's by none other than the enigmatic Popular People's Front - a couple of lads whose music we've been lovin' and records we've been buying for ages now, most notably their own PPF white label and limited series releases. So, to have them now appear on mighty DD - a label we've also had a lusting love affair with in the past is a bit of a big deal for us.

 Two reworks on offer here, that are cut loud at 45bpm for dj use and are primped and primed to cause a serious ruckus on the floor. First up on the chopping block is Five Special 1979 hit single 'Why Leave Us Alone' that has been morphed into 'Might Even'. As expected, PPF opt  to capture only the grits of the original, creating a mighty 80's disco/electro boogie beast. The most catchy parts of the vocals are left intact but are free to roam alongside a gurgling acidesque…

Begin - Here Comes The Sun (Begin)

Having just taken custody of a whackload of new records at the post today, as per usual I'm feeling like a giddy kid at christmas. All slabs ace, no unexpected duds this time (hate when that happens) so I'm happy...but there's one producer in the pile that's been turning my head for a while now that I feel we need to talk about. We tend to buy about half n' half disco/house heaters combined with beatdown, warmup, home listening fodder, & the mighty Begin aka James Holroyd falls under the latter category. His dreamy choons are some of the mightiest around in his genre and I dare say no record collection is complete without at least one of his 12"s.

Let's face it, the words 'sun-drenched' and 'blissed-out balearic' are thrown around a helluva lot these days, but let's call a spade a spade here, these tracks are just that type o' stuff. 'Here Comes The Sun' follows the same formula as the first 5 in the series: sub 100 bpm …

Takimi Mannequin - To Tonight (House Mannequin)

Really happy I managed to bag a copy of this superlimited slice of vinyl-pie, on which Kenji Takimi (of Being Borings fame) teams up with the House Mannequin crew and drops a killer edit of what sounds like a cover of Exile's 'I Wanna Kiss You All Over'. It's a one-sided, handstamped and hand-numbered affair, only 400 copies were pressed up and only 100 are sold in Europe, the rest is exclusive to Japan. I'm actually not a fan of one-side vinyl at all (bit of a pisstake really), and I'm not too big on the handstamping craze either but I gladly made an exception in this case and raided my daughter's piggy bank for nr. 364 out of 400.

'To Tonight' the tune is called and it's a 7 minute choppy stomper of a beatdown disco track. Crunchy, driving drums get things going, looped strings make sure the tension remains tight throughout the track, choppy Parrish-style vocals are dropped left and right and Takimi has conjured up some mean drops and breaks …

V.A. - Box Aus Holz 6 (Box Aus Holz)

Add to cart without listening. That's how we roll when it comes to Box Aus Holz, which has been our favorite imprint for a while now. Just got a fresh one in and it's another amazing piece of work. With BAH06 (which, rather confusingly, is actually the fourth vinyl outing from this Oye-affiliated label) young Max Graef and friends once again prove they have the balls to experiment and push the boundaries of their sound instead of sticking to a comfortable and successful formula. A commendable approach for a label that has to rely on vinyl sales alone.

Max Graef & Muff Deep (who starred together on an ace recent twelve for Tartelet we covered on here as well) start proceedings on the A with Mumbojambo, cleverly fusing dusty beatdown house with serious hiphop stylings. The result is a wonderfully chuggy samplefest that grooves like the proverbial. Andy Hart gets flown in from Melbourne for some more teamwork with Graef on Pulleman, a serious chunk of driving uptempo deephou…

Frank Booker - Kat Edits (Kat Records)

This has been out since Record Store Day but it's taken us a while to get a hold of, and as a general rule we don't cover records on here we don't actually have/own, so here we are, way too late, with a glowing review of Frank Booker's 12" for the classy Kat imprint.

Our Kiwi hero has been in the finest of forms lately with a string of records for esteemed American imprints Kolour LTD and Razor 'n Tape, and there has been talk of a record for the mighty Disco Deviance series too. Our favorite recent bit by Mr. Booker is his missive for Kat Records though, a trio of amazing afrobeat reworks which didn't get much hype when it first came out. Surprising really, as there's so much to enjoy here. Take 'Synchro Systeme' on the A for example, a chuggy rework of King Sunny Ade's classic. Going for a 4/4 approach and busting out his trademark killer drums, Frank delivered a majestic groover that should work a treat on any beach, bar or warmup floor…

Andras Fox Ft. Oscar S. Thorn - Embassy Cafe (Dopeness Galore)

Andras Fox just released a mini-LP on Dopeness Galore of truly staggering badassness that I've been itching to write about. The Dutch imprint already was on a bit of a roll with very strong missives by Kid Sublime, Rahaan and Inkswel, but seems to have really struck gold here. We've been following young mr. Fox for a while now and were already most impressed with his record for Audio Parallax (which we covered on these pages a while ago). For this latest endeavour he teamed up with singer Oscar S. Thorn and the result is sheer magic. If you enjoyed Mario Basanov's & Jeremy Glenn's recent effort on Apersonal you'll love this record.

The gloopy midtempo boogie of Romance on the A1 sets the mood nicely with its crazy bottom-end and crisp vintage-sounding analogue drums. Running Late, also on the A, draws on the same elements (lush midtempo groove) but Oscar S Thorne's high-pitched fantastic vocals are what make this track truly remarkable. I've listened t…