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Rainer Trueby - Ayer's Rock / To Know You (White)

Well yep you sure can say there's been a bit of a 'summer slump' in the vinyl market these days - so meanwhile back at the ranch we're reaching deep into our shelves for lost and forgotten goodies of yore, but also snatching some bits we've missed off Discogs. One such massive gem is one we've been after for what seems like ages: Ayer's Rock/To Know You by Rainer Trueby. I've been watching this 12" on that devilish website for the past year or so for prices to come down but no dice, and so then last week decided enough was enough with not owning a copy and kindly did the needful. Spent a bit too much but hey - you got to pay to play sometimes right?

What we're looking at here is essentially a collab between the very talented Rainer Trueby and none other than Mr. Danilo Plessow of MCDE fame. I'm overjoyed to own both tracks - as both are extremely playable in their own right. Ayer's Rock is a dark and stormy brew with classic handclaps,…

C2C4 - Hit and Run (Moxie)

Summer is finally upon us (and if I read one more status update about either Ibiza or Croatia I'm going to go on an uzi death destroy rampage) so the annual slump in recordland has announced itself. We're actually about to release a 12" of our own (more on that later) so not all is quiet on the western front, but with the sun beaming down on us it's not the best time of the year to go through dusty crates at your local dealer. This just peeked at me from the top shelf in the living room, forgot just how good this rework Loletta Holloway's classic by Carl Craig is, a must have in any discerning disco collection. I'm sure you know this already so I won't bother describing it, but just felt like pointing out that at 12 glorious minutes it's the perfect record to play in case turtlehead is touching cloth nahmean? There's two other tracks on the flip too but I have no idea if they're much cop, never got past the brilliant A-side.

Check Discogs for …

V.A. - Four Is A Crowd (FOTO)

Remember those days, right after the demise of the faux-hawk and just before the onslaught of the hipster chino, when people still read blogs and slo-mo was all the rage? Back then, there was one blog to rule them all, and that was the OOFT page, curated by Ali Herron and The Revenge. I used to religiously check that site several times a day to see if they had posted a new edit, rework or youtube video of some forgotten scandalously good boogie bits from the 80s. When we released our first record in 2009 (Eddie C's 'Space Cadet EP') we got a kind mention on the OOFT blog, which was a really big deal for us at the time and really helped us get noticed. Long story short: OOFT was a huge source source of inspiration and we can safely assume that without the guidance of OOFT, this whole Sleazy Beats venture wouldn't have materialized.
Well now, while times sure are a changing, blogs might been made largely irrelevant by Facebook, slo-mo might have been dragonpunched by th…