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Max Graef & Andy Hart - Heavy Setters EP (Black Ops 004)

The fourth installment of the Black Ops series just hit the shelves (in fact it just sold out from the distributor, so by the time you read this the shelves might have already been pillaged), always a proud/scary moment for us. After months of tinkering with pre-masters, masters, artwork, test pressings, sales notes etc, it's a majestic feeling to hear the doorbell ring and see our delivery guy with a big box of records coming from the plant: it's finally finished! This release is quite special to us, as we somehow managed to talk Max Graef & Andy Hart into doing a record for us. The lads have been on a real roll as of late and the tracks they let us release fit seamlessly into the Black Ops take on house & disco.

Here's what the reviewer at Juno had to say about it:

A Berlin/Melbourne soundclash of delightfully juicy proportions, Graef and Hart have concocted three ace compositions right here. Filtered to the max with big jack swings, each one of these will find f…

Luvless - Turning Point EP (Rose Records)

Oddly enough, mentioning Rose Records in DJ circles still gets me loads of raised eyebrows and puzzled faces, even though the Leipzig-based collective has been going at it for a while and their limited 12" releases change hands for crazy money on the used-record/vulture circuit. I think it's the limited and self-distributed nature of the releases that makes them fly under the radar for the masses. Which is a real shame, as if you've been following these guys you know how what a special bunch they are and how high they set their standards. Time to get in touch with a good distributor maybe lads, the world needs to hear what you have on display!

This delightful fifth release comes courtesy of Luvless, who's profile has been on the rise ever since his killer 'Motion Clapture' surfaced on Foto records, and rightfully so. He has worked out a magic formula that works a treat without getting formulaic. Take 'Away from here' for example, a lush midtempo groov…

Seven Heaven - Common Edits & Nicolo Cuppo

Apologies for the lack of news round here, but we were having some trouble with blogger's 'dynamic view' settings (read: the whole thing was completely borked, we lost all our settings and artwork). So here we are, back where we were in 2009. And while all the distros and shops are slowly but surely getting back on track after the summer lull, we're bracing ourselves for our next Black Ops 12", which is due to drop next week. We'll come back to that record somewhere in the next week, but wanted to share two gorgeous 45s with you that found their way to our doorstep this month.

First up is the sixth missive on Dane's delightful and hugely collectable Common Edits label. Joining Dane on this one is his pal and our unsung hero Eddie C. They both take care of one side of this lovely little seven. Dane kicks things off with Sweet Nothing, a glorious dusty uptempo disco shuffler, propelled forward by crisp drums, combined with off-kilter percussion and spacey s…

Sleazy DJ Gear Vol. 1

So incase for some reason you haven't been following us on our facebook page (where we blather on about tunes that worked a treat on the floor, the ones that cleared it, theories of silent philosophical introspection and our Bikram yoga techniques) you might not have noticed we got a bit of Sleazy Beats DJ gear done up - first thing on our list was some badass slipmats. We did a run of 15 that sold out in record time - so now were getting things in line for a repress. If you're tired of looking at that seriously faded Technics logo or your cringe-worthy 'take me to your dealer' slips you bought when you were 16, then drop us a line at and we'll hook you up. Any questions feel free to ask!

We're hoping to get an idea of how many people are interested in the next few days and we'll book in a photoshoot with our model. Just kidding, we'll be using the existing photo from the last shoot. The mats in question turned out nothing short of…