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Best of 2013

Another year almost over, can't believe how time really does seem to be flying these days. Seems like only yesterday we were compiling our 'best of 2012' and bitching about those omnipresent 90s chords while we were at it. Speaking of 90s chords, one of the highlights of the year was throwback house's fall from grace over the past few months did put a smile on our faces (even if we got butch UK garage house in its stead which is just about as bad). For us personally, 2013 brought many delights, most notably a daughter for Kris and a son for me. And while these little buggers are to blame for our semi-permanent catatonic states of mind, there's nothing quite like that first toothless smile, is there. Oh happy gums.

Meanwhile at the Batcave, we added two new babies to the Black Ops catalogue in 2013 too. Ben La Desh did us an amazing follow-up EP, incorporating afro-rhythms and hiphop vibes in his ever-evolving, inimitable style, and we managed to talk men of the mo…

V/A - Floor Jammers Vol. 1 (People Must Jam)

One of the best records we've picked up recently is by a conglomerate of party people from the Australian hotspot Sydney. These baiz have been putting on some of the continent's best parties for the past few years (they just had their 5th anniversary to be precise) and to ring in that major accomplishment they've decided to take on a new venture and slap some of their favourite artists' tunes to wax for their first release on new imprint People Must Jam. These guys have an eerily similar taste to music to us SB chaps, as they've gone and enlisted tunes by none other than heavyweights Out In The Sticks, Al Kent, and Frank Booker - who are 3 acts/producers we hold in mighty high regard and have covered on these pages many times before. The EP in question, entitled 'Floor Jammers Vol. 1' is packed with exactly that - 4 cuts of mass weaponry that are ready and able to pack em' tight under the disco ball quicker than a knife fight in a phone booth. Like gre…

VA - Eva's Finest

It's no secret we've been massive fans of the ol' Rose Records boys for some time now. Ever since they set up their label back in 2011, they've been churning out some of the best records we own in our modest collections, we play em constantly and we've become quite close with them without ever meeting face to face. Rose has been focussed mainly on putting out some of the finest beatdown house and disco as their bread and butter; and now they're opting to launch another imprint that will focus more on some really classy tunes that might not have been right for Rose. Whatever the reason we're super excited for the boys and celebrate with them the birth of their new venture: Eva's Finest, 'This ain't just edits…'

You'll be drawn in instantly when the needle hits on the A side with 'Brenda Liebt Den Acid' - where 1960s American pop country hit 'I'm Sorry' by Brenda Lee becomes scrunched up so tight that only the chorus a…

Deep88 & Melchior Sultana - Yo House EP (12 Records)

How deceiving looks can be. When we got sent this EP I was a bit wary to say the least. Both the label (12 Records) and the producers involved (Deep88 & Melchior Santana) were new names for me, and the combination of 'Yo House' and the vintage looking artwork had me worried this was going to be an EP of the butch 'throwback house' we hate so much.  While the record definitely tips its hats to the halcyon days of deephouse, Deep88 & Melchior Santana steer clear from those pesky 90s chords and treat us to a couple of delightfully moody grooves instead, delivering a truly mesmerizing package here.

Title track 'Yo House' is one of those tracks that makes you want to record a new mix instantly: a lush midtempo number with piano lines so seductive you'll never want it to end. The basic groove is fairly straightforward with its '2 finger bassline' and classic drum programming, but the piano melodies will tingle your spine in the most pleasing of w…