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Torben (Torben 001)

What happens when the uber stacked-with-talent, Blue Steel record label Box Aus Holz joins forces with one of the most out there (out there, not as in cookoo, but as in yeah heavy maaan) record shop in the world - Oye Records and make sweet love to one another and get their rhythm method mixed up? The result is a bastard lovechild named little Torben. There's not much info to go on for this little venture - they're going the route of strong silent type. Jam session based tracks, is what they have for description on their soundcloud for example. But you can expect nothing but quality considering the hefty parties of Oye and BAH involved with a hand in things, stirring the broth.

So what pray tell do we get with this little vinyl devilchild incarnate? The part of the answer to that comes in the form of Bongoklaus - a lovely house monster with smooth synths and mega-crunchy drums. If you've been digging all that weird new un-classifiable four/four stuff that's been comin…

Benedek - Untitled Debut (PPU)

Another release from the tail end of 2013 that I've meaning to write about is Benedek's 'Unitled Debut LP' on D.C.'s rather in vogue People's Potential Unlimited. If you have a taste for electronic boogie - old or new - chances are you have a few PPU records in the stacks. I first caught on when a reissue of Midnight Express' 'Danger Zone' surfaced on the label a few years ago. It's been interesting to see them expand their horizon and take on new music - and quite successfully too. Some of the biggest names in the contemporary leftfield boogie realm have graced the PPU imprint, including the ridiculously talented Moon B, whose Sussegad 12" was a bit of a biggie last year.

Their latest find is L.A.'s Benedek and his 'Untitled Debut LP'. Benedek tries his hand at many different styles over the course of 8 tracks, ranging from quirky, stuttering 4/4 beats (A2), lush spaced out downtempo electronica (A3 and B3) and ballsy proto-ho…

Ben La Desh - Wondering What We Are (Young Adults)

DJ Broadcast, arguably Holland’s most influential online dance resource, shortlisted Ben La Desh as one of 2014’s potential breakthrough producers, but picked someone else because they deemed the Rotterdam native to have so much class and talent he’d also get there without the push of a magazine. It’s nice to see his talents getting the recognition they deserve, as the man has been quietly building a modest but most impressive body of work, in which quality reigns over quantity. In 2013 BLD put out a single on our own Black Ops label that sold out in a matter of weeks,  made an appearance on a well received ISM compilation and released another track on Dirt Crew.

It sure looks like Ben La Desh is bent on delivering on his promise in 2014 and further cementing his reputation as a beatsmith 'hors categorie'. Step one in the path to world domination: a belter of a new EP on Young Adults, ‘Wondering What We Are’. We’ve been itching to get our hands on this for a good while now, b…

V.A. - Musik for Autobahns Limited Sampler (Rush Hour)

I went on a bit of a record shopping spree over the holidays ('fuck Santa, I take care of my own') and amassed quite the pile of new records I’ve been meaning to write about.  There has also been a ridiculous influx of incredibly strong new releases in January (seems like all our favourite imprints are stepping up their game) so the ‘cover on the blog pronto’ stack is getting bigger and scarier-looking by the day. Time to make good on one of my resolutions for 2014 and cover at least a record on the blog a week. Seeing as it’s almost the end of the month and I haven’t put up a single post yet, I’d better get on with it too.

Let’s break in the new year with Rush Hour’s Musik for Autobahns Sampler, a limited release starring 5 tunes that were on the CD compilation but didn’t make the vinyl edition of Musik for Autobahns, compiled by the label boss of Running Back.  I missed said compilation (I’ve been shunning Rush Hour a bit since they decided not to stock our own releases any…

The Glue - Q&A (Untz Untz)

Well here we are, 2014 - a whole new world. Everything feels so different and special all of a sudden! Ah well not really actually - we're still stuck in our routines, shlecking the kids off to daycare and wiping food off the floor on a hourly basis. It's just how we roll and we wouldn't want it any other way. In new music news we've been buying new tracks like it's going out of style, between the two of us we've amassed almost 30 tracks already and it's only just gone halfway January. Depleting the kids' trust funds. Putting our record dealer's kids through college. There's simply been too many good records keeping us weak in the knees, there just ain't any other way to explain.

Case in point is the new venture by our furry bear & bunny friends from Norway - The Glue. We love these guys more than anything and love the mysterious label they release with Untz Untz - a Bergen/Berlin outfit as far as we know. The Glue have been quiet-ish i…