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Paxton Fettel - The Secret Ingredient Is Crime (Apersonal)

I suppose it's been just under a year ago now when we met a certain Mr. Fettel. We were doing an in-store mix session thingy at a local shop and these two funny fellows wandered in and we got to chatting. They said they were fans of the label and one of them mentioned they had just signed an EP with Spanish outfit Apersonal - 'that we might know of'. Of course the label rang bells with me immediately, as one of the first tunes I picked up after we started this little venture was a certain Trujillo record entitled 'Baby You're Still The Same' with an awesome Mark E remix. Fast forward to recently - when the record in question Paxton mentioned that day hit the streets! 'The Secret Ingredient Is Crime' is a lovely record featuring three original tunes that all vary quite nicely to add to the collect-a-bility of the 12''; plus none other than Jimpster was lured on board as well to do a remix of the title track. Tasty stuff indeed.

Not having a slew…

Outerzona - Don't Be Bitter, Be Better (Outerzona)

The second release on Tiago's Outerzona project has been out and about for a while now, but because our records tend to come in batches (we're working on a neat article explaining exactly why that is) we had to wait a few weeks to get our hands on a copy. While the first Outerzona release by 'Black' offered up some killer percussive afro-grooves, this second outing takes things back to the heyday of Salsoul, with a pair of edits that would do Justin Vandervolgen proud.

On the A, Double Exposure's 'Everyman' gets re-arranged, stripping the track of most of its vocals, which puts a whole new spin on an old classic. Combined with some mental one-bar looped up peaks and breakdowns, this is a deadly hands-in-the air disco nugget indeed.  File under 'party sureshot' and stick it in the 'get of of jail for free' section of your record bag.

On the B, another slice of swirly, piano-driven 70s disco with funky horns gets flipped on its back, dissecte…

Sleazy Beats Label Showcase - Eko Club, April 25th in Paris (France)

Earlier this month we joined forces with Paris-based booking agency Moon Rise, which takes care of a fine roster of artists and labels, including good pals Martin Hayes and Frank Booker. Our first collab with Moon Rise is a very exciting one indeed: a label showcase in Eko Club, a fairly new venue in the city of light and love, on April 25th, featuring two members of the extended Sleazy Beats family. Italian disco don LTJ Xperience, who took care of our sophomore release back in 2010 and Rotterdam's elusive Ben La Desh, who kickstarted the Black Ops project for us back in 2012 so successfully, will be joining Kris - reppin' the Sleazy Beats Soundsystem solo - behind the decks. A killer lineup for what will hopefully be the first in a series of momentous label parties.

Eko Club famously doesn't 'do' social media promotion - which is quite refreshing, no endless streams of tedious youtube videos and pictures of packed record bags for a change -  so for more info you…

Cole Medina - Tropical Funk (Fly By Night Music)

What fascinates me most about 'tropical house' it that the backlash seems to have already begun while the proverbial bandwagon is still stationary. Meanwhile, I've not seen any 'Essential Tropical House' CD compilations pop up at my local gas station, and the bits my muso friends and enemies have referred to as 'tropical' are musically much, much more interesting than the over-compressed two-loop disco drivel we're being force-fed day in day out. Long story short: as long as there's no sub-genre on Beatport for tropical house, there's still hope for this tropical thing left.

As with every new sub-genre, it's the frontrunners and the first wave of releases that cause the fun and excitement, paving the way and defining the playbook. And in comes Cole Medina, one of the originators of the slo-mo craze that took off 6-7 years ago - his seminal Inside Out edit on American Standard was one of the tunes that sparked that particular fire - with an …

Andy Ash - Hurricane Fantasy Ep (People Must Jam)

Back once again it's the renegade wait, scratch that it's just a new PMJ release. I hesitate to use the word 'just' here though, as it kinda takes away the appeal - which is totally unfair as the record in question is a bomb. Label Boss Matt Trousdale's kindly sent us a copy of their latest incarnation, and this time the duties are performed by the young UK house maestro Andy Ash (On The Prowl, Fly By Night, Stilove4music and a host of other labels). A decidedly slight move away from disco for PMJ then, which is fine - seems they're keen on riding both genres. Diversifying the portfolio. Riding the bull and the bear market. Quantifying dividends from all angles. Or something.

Anyways, Andy's been known for his no-frills take on house for a good while now, and if you said we'd be in good hands for this PMJ release you wouldn't be lying, fantastic producer we've come to know and respect. I still play his Carnaval de L'esprit LP loa…