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Junktion - The Great Unknown (Black Ops)

Our latest missive arrived just a few days before the annual Record Store Day mayhem, which is a bit of a miracle - seems we managed to slip through the cracks of the industry's machinery and dodge the delays everyone's complaining about. Junktion, the man behind the controls here, has been on quite a roll these past 12 months, dropping stellar stuff on labels like Times are Ruff and Slow Town. His Fouk collabs with partner Daniel Leseman are also going like hot cakes, so it seems we locked him in for a release just in time. If you're partial to lowslung dusty basement grooves, Junktion's 'The Great Unknown EP' might tickle your pickle. It took us about a minute to sign, and believe you me, we're picky buggers when it comes to our own output.

The Black Ops releases tend to sell pretty quickly (thanks to you lovely lot), and pre-sales of this 12" were so strong some shops were already out of their allotted stock before it even hit the shelves, which is…

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Omena LTD 01

Question: What to do when you run two succesful house imprints and you stumble upon a demo that takes your breath away but doesn't quite go with the vibe of your label(s)? Answer: Start a new one and put it out anway, stupid. This must have been Tooli's train of thought when he caught wind of an old and forgotten release by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, an outfit with what has to be the wonkiest handle in the history of music. And presto, Omena Ltd sees the light of day, with a six track inaugural mini-LP on stupidly limited 10" vinyl (150 copies, anyone? next-level scarcity).

As straightforward as that sounds, it's very commendable Tooli took a punt on this downtempo electronics/instrumental hiphop record. We know from experience how terrifying it can be to release stuff that's a bit off the beaten path (we've been wolfing down beta blockers ever since we signed Saine's forthcoming downtempo LP for Fools & Fables, but more on that later). Home-listening records bring about…