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Best of 2015: the sellout sessions

Let's face it lads, as much as we all like to frown upon 'em, we all love a good list don't we?. There's something very comforting about having people in the know compile a 'best of' list and wrap up another frantic year in music. Either to laugh at hysterically (there's some real moomins on the internet that think they're 'in the know') or to discover that handful of records that miraculously managed to fly under your radar but is really good indeed.

What I don't like about most lists though - and most notably those published by record stores - is that they're mainly used as a tool to drive sales, which usually means records that are sold out are conveniently left out of the equation. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with out of place sense of entitlement on our end (we put out cheeky basement disco fodder, it's hardly Mozart), but as avid collectors of the black stuff it seems a little unfair to leave all those special little …

Luvless - Sometimes (Slow Down)

Luvless is hardly the most prolific of producers, but the man's had a productive year with a joint 10" release with pal M.ono on his own Rose Records and a handful of tracks on V.A. compilations on the likes of Editors Kutz and Digging Disco Deep. His most recent outing, a record on Slow Down, might push things in the direction of a proper vintage year for the Leipzig-bound beatsmith and all round top geezer, as it's a veritable melter of a release.

While the label's name might suggest a focus on, erm, the slower end of the house spectrum (slouse, anyone?), Slow Down entered the game last year with a wonderful EP by the underrated Aakmael, who seems to specialize in crafting the timeless type of moody mid- to uptempo tackle that Trackheadz and Kevin Yost were famous for back in the halcyon days of deephouse. Aakmael happens to have a killer record out on esteemed label Kolour Ltd at the moment by the way, well worth checking out too. The sophomore release on Slow Dow…