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VA - Disco Mantras Vol 1 (Mood Hut)

The mysterious Mood Hut crew out of Vancouver kind of just appeared out of the blue a couple of years ago and immediately started to take the deep, tropical house world by storm. Like - one of the most impressive starts to any label we've seen, kinda thing. With a slew of steady releases by the Pender Street Steppers, Aquarian Foundation and our personal fave of the litter, Jack J - they've found their way into many big league record bags within a matter of no time, quickly building a strong rep in the genre. Some of their releases are indeed very quirky and decidedly off-kilter, and reaching a little too far left for me, but gotta respect that of course. And when they do hit the nail on the head like they have numerous time (Jack J's 'Thirstin' release on Future Times - I'm looking at you), they create serious masterpieces that will undoubtedly stand the test of time for decades.

Their latest missive is a step off their beaten path (the beaten path off the be…

Sorcerer - Nabu Network (Universal Cave)

If you've been following our ramblings on these pages, you should know by now we're quite partial to Adriatic/Balearic gear, but as with any kind of genre, 85% that gets released is total bunk, 10% is decent, 4% is great and 1% is exceptional.

While the picky bugger in me would file most tracks on Sorcerer's recent EP on Universal Cave under decent, 'Nabu Network' is one of those tracks that is truly exceptional. I keep finding myself walking over to my battered 1210 once I get to the last few bars of the track to drop the needle back at the start of the track. Is it the deep, phat drums from the merkin' producer that do the trick? The relatively straightforward but deft guitar lines, which he's showcased before on fine labels such as Tirk and Is It Balearic? The breezy, gentle, ever-so-slightly tropical vibe? The fabulous arrangement, that keeps things shifting and changing for the duration of the flight? It's obvious our man Sorcerer sprinkled some m…

Discomatin Edits Vol. 1

I'm by no means an expert on Parisian nightlife, but word on the street is the Discomatin crew put on parties in the city of light and love that are the stuff of legends. Discomatin Edits Vol. 1 is the gang's first foray into the wonderful world of vinyl, and if their spliced and diced reinterpretations are anything to go by, this is definitely my kind of party.

'Big Stuff' on the A1 is a cheeky peaktime disco stomper with some crazy cowbell action and a mad squelchy bassline. It's the kind of stuff that Al Kent does so well, cutting up and re-arranging dusty oldies without too much additional production or trickery. 'Sea & Skyline' is a bit less frantic and sounds so smoochy with its gentle guitar licks, slap bass and horns that if you told me this was lifted from the Love Boat I'd take your word for it. Cheeky? Oh yes. Good? Very much so. Flip over for 'Periferique Nord' for more class uptempo disco (those horns!) and 'Jolie Face'…

DJSounds - Moving (DJSounds)

It may not be the most imaginative release in terms of branding, but DJSounds vol 2 is a rather fine bit of plastic. It's another one of those records that popped up in someone's chart and I hit play because, well, anything beats doing VAT returns, basically. A few minutes later I whipped out my card (which is seriously suffering from friction fatigue this year) and ordered this anonymous three-track affair pressed on transparent orange vinyl. Word on the street is Anaxander might be behind these, but the blue team hasn't verified said information yet so take that with a pinch of salt.

It's 'Moving' - which hogs the entire A-side - that immediately won me over, a lovely loopy midtempo smoocher that doesn't do all that much but boy do those dusty samples work well together. Killer stuff.

The pace gets picked up a little with 'Fragments', an easy on the ears percussive workout with punchy synth stabs and warm pads. Finally, there's Casa Suave, wh…

Kian T - Space Tapes EP (Big Bait)

German label Big Bait out of Karlsruhe has served up a delectable variety of choons over the years, catering to the digital jocks a little, but luckily a little more so to the wax collectors among us. Since its inception in 2009 label boss Peter Clamat has brought us releases with some pretty heavy hitters such as Glen Astro from Money $ex fame, as well as a release with US house legend and Harmonie Park founder Rick Wade to boot. So, very nicely played so far Señor Clamat. 

Fast forward to now where the latest newcomer to the Big Bait family, a young Italian buck who's mom calls him Andrea Pedra, but he'll answer to Kian T (see what he did thurr?). He's a new name to us here at Sleazy Towers but his record is one to firmly place him on the sleazy power wall. The record is a fairly heads down lights out party, as it's slightly more moody and dark in tone than we're used to, but we always can find a time and place for these slightly beefier affairs, we'll just …

V.A. - Quartet Series 001

I remember meeting Maurits (Nachtbraker) for the first time in Amsterdam a few years ago in a bar in the western part of town, where we both happen to live. You never quite know what to expect with these 'producer' types. I've been in the game long enough to know there's a lot of bullshit going around, but right off the bat it was clear Maurits is no chip off the bullshit block though. At the time he had his first release out on Dirt Crew and some things lined up with Heist and was about to finish his degree at university. Over the course of way too many beers and lots of merry banter he explained he wanted to have a go at making a living out of this music thing. The plan was to sign up with an agency, release records through Dirt Crew and Heist and eventually set up his own imprint. This is usually the point where my bullshit swing-o-meter starts peaking, but even through my beergoggles I could tell this goodnatured soul with his winning smile meant business (even if…

Crue 4 (Crue)

Don't know much about Crue to be honest, I just happened to hit play while browsing the 'soon in' section at some obscure webshop when this popped up. Must have been a spot of divine intervention, as it's one of my favourite bits of house to have come out this year. I did some recon work on Crue * GIYF * and this is what I came up with:

Crue seems to be run by a Dutch outfit of sorts, but there seems to be a link with Spain's Saft as well (holy shit, the internet can be a confusing place sometimes)They handstamp the shit out of their 10" vinyl-only releases but provide no intel on who's behind the tunes (Burial! Psych!)They've been at it since 2013 and only just put out their fourth release, so they're definitely not rushing things (This is a good thing in our book. Churning out 24 records in 12 months is a bad idea) 
I'll be brutally honest with you though. I checked the first three releases on the label and I didn't care for them one bit.…

Black Ops - The Slipmat Edition (pt. 2)

So about two or three months ago we were having a proper evening e-chinwag, as we do once or twice a week and got to chatting about some cool stuff we could get made up with the ol' SB logo proudly branded on. After dismissing some initial ideas such as tea cosies, plastic visors and those weird beer jackets that were so cool in the 80s we decided we should probably just stick with what worked so well last time: slipmats. After all, they do go pretty well with our meat & potato product - Black Ops wax, right?! So, after hiring and firing numerous high-priced designers, and shrugging off much of their hard work, we finally decided on a snazzy design worthy of such a great product.

As you can see they look mighty fine if we do say so ourselves. And they look even better in the flesh, or IRL as the kids say these days.

We got 50 pairs of these badboys done up, and 47 have been sold already through the magic of facebook. So, 3 left. If you'd like a pair please don't hesita…