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Tony Rainwater / Lucky Charmz - LHLTSUB002 (Lehult)

I was first introduced to Hamburg-based collective Lehult somewhere around the summer of 2015, when Liem's If Only was providing smiles to dancefloors worldwide and I embarked on an epic - or as some say, irrational - quest to get my greasy fingers on a copy.

 It was during this search that I got to know the rest of the Lehult catalog, launched at the end of 2014 and focussed on putting out material by it's core members Lucky Charmz, Liem, Eddie Ness, DJ Assam, Johan Kaseta, and recent addition Tony Rainwater.

For those of you unfamiliar with the label, Lucky Charmz' 560sl, taken from the inaugural release Follow Me To Flottbek Falls, DJ Assam's 8040, and Kaseta's 2016 Erefora Land EP definitely deserve a listen.

Beginning of February, the second installment of sub-series Lehultsub - dedicated to DJ-friendly flips, chops and spins -  will be dropping, this time showcasing newcomer Tony Rainwater alongside Lucky Charmz.

On the A-side, Rainwater delivers an uptem…

S&W - Dub Disco Presents S&W (Dub Disco)

The sophomore release on Aussteiger and Serj Nose's Dub Disco imprint landed on my doorstep today and it might even be better than the first one on the label, which was one of our favourite releases of 2016. Not sure I've ever heard of S&W, but they sure had me at hello: I instant fell for the magnificent laidback boogie vibe they got going on with 'Cashmere Green', which hogs the A-side of this nice and thick black pancake. Crisp Sasac-style drums set the pace, a square, ballsy bassline dictates the groove, while warm synth lines that squelch in all the right places set the mood. It's a glorious 7-minute ride of a tune, and the most captivating piece of dance music I've heard so far this year. Have a listen below.

There's two more bits on offer on the flip. 'Windup Bird' is a lovely bit of uptempo piano that wouldn't have been out of place on Drumpoet and 'Machine Love' is a trance-meets-boogie-meets-deephouse number of sorts, one …

DJ Wave - Above The Clouds (Lobster Theremin)

So I know absolutely nothing about this DJ Wave chap (most likely a nom de guerre of some other producer I've never heard of either), absolutely don't care for the lo-fi house/techno business Lobster Theremin and it's affiliated offshoots are pushing, and could do without the A and B2 of this particular record, but DANG is this 'Above The Clouds' tune ever nice. A rubbery bassline, a fat kick, moody pads, some sparkling piano lines and presto: a chugging midtempo monster is born. It might not be peaktime club fodder, but it's perfect for warmup sets and would be a standout on any studio mix. Imagine sitting on a packed commuter train after slaving away for the man for 9 hours. It's dark outside, you're too tired to read so you throw on your headphones and close your eyes. Then this comes on, and all will be well with the world.

This came out last year but there's still a few doing the rounds, so hunt down a copy now before it's too late.


System Status - Pale and Crazy EP (People Must Jam)

Australian imprint People Must Jam should be a familiar name to devoted readers of the sleazy blog. In 2016 we ran a small label special and hosted an exclusive mix by Riccio. HisDeja Vu release turned out to be my favorite PMJ release of 2016. Genre-wise PMJ always excites me: from Al Kent's disco-ish Reason To Live, to Mark Seven's moody deephouse jam My Ceasar and back toPtaki's wonderful breezy Antypody EP, there are only a few labels out there who keep this open attitude and vibe going.

With the forthcoming release Pale & Crazy EP by System Status the label is celebrating it's tenth missive. The UK-based producer is back from a a three year hiatus and makes his first appearance on PMJ.  His EP on Untracked back in 2010 was a fine one indeed and so was his tune on the first Horn Wax. 

So what do we have here then? System Status delivers a four-tracker full of drum -machine grooves, squiggly synth workouts and the odd vocal chop. While the label's previous …

Sleazy Team ~ Best of '16

Jebus, another year gone by already? Time sure flies when the world's going bonkers and the masses are bent on sticking all their eggs in one giant smelly basket and having Farage, The Donald and a host of other lunatics break them all at once while laughing hysterically.

All farcical geo-political madness and neo-patriotic nu-bigotry aside, 2016 was a memorable year for us at SB. We tricked The Popular People's Front - our heroes, the originators! - into doing us the final record in the Black Ops series, which sold out in what seemed a nano-second. After burying the Black Ops project with a sniff and a tear, we launched a new imprint, Make Believe Disco, with French prodigal kid Folamour handling the inaugural release, which, unbelievably, also sold out from the distro on day one.
At the tail-end of the year we sat down in our cabin in the woods, started a fire and got the s'mores going, while looking back on 7 years of Sleazy Beats. We agreed that in spite of our valian…

Sleazy Peek: Roman Rauch - Boogie Trip (Secret Crunch)

Vienna based producers Moony Me and Roman Rauch joined forces to launch their own label, Secret Crunch, this past fall. The first EP, Bunch of Crunch, featured the fellas working in tandem on three co-produced tracks, a remix from Gnork, and a joint remix from Ishmael and Medlar. It was a tasty effort of a debut release, with the likes of "Astral Toddlers", "Dropless Music Has No Expiration Date" flexing them futuristic vibes with intelligent synth work, and my personal favorite, "Hausware" delighting ears with it's sweet chords and irresistible percussion.

The good news is there's a very short wait for their follow up EP, One Split Wonder, which sees Moony and Roman splitting sides of the EP with three tracks each. Today, we're here to do our first track premiere as a blog, referred to as a "Sleazy Peek" from this point forward. Our aim will be to give you a sneak preview of an upcoming release that fits this crew's ethos. Anyw…

Cottam 2 - Cottam

On the day that the the long-awaited repress of Cottam’s second instalment on his self-named platform finally landed on my desk I almost hugged the postman. This EP was one of three curious 12’s that propelled UK based Paul Cottam (who I'm reliably told is a top guy) to notoriety back in ’09 and is by far and away my favourite of the six that are now out there.
The A could easily be used as a description for Cottam’s style – a mid-tempo chugger with a disco-y guitar riff lacing the background. Once you’re deep into the track, a soulful vocal catches you off-guard and transforms the track completely for the last few delicious minutes.
The flipside though, is the real reason I was happy to wait so damn patiently to kop this release - a glorious rework of a 70's Nigerian jazz track (I'll let you find the original, sample collectors).

The rumbling bass and the heavily delayed claps of the intro transport you straight onto a journey you’re not going to want to return from and, by …

Vandel - Inundación (Discos Nutabe)

Having followed Sleazy Beats for years now, both the blog and the label, I’m honoured to contribute some of my thoughts about the records I love. As most latin men, I’m called Juan, I make music as Lunate and release it on 100% Silk. Last October I was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy, which took place in Montreal. I’m based in Bogotá and mostly jam on my synths accompanied by my cat and a fern.
For my first post I decided to review a record close to home. Colombian imprint Discos Nutabe has established itself as one of the finest purveyors of house music in the country. Their approach to releasing limited, vinyl-only runs of purely local music has become a source of empowerment for the local scene. 
They work slowly, releasing one record per year. Their third anniversary coincided with release number three of their catalog, this time by label owner Vandel. I've visited Vandel's studio and have DJed with him on several occasions; witnessing his clean and dreamy brand …